• Benefits of Using LED Lights

    , by Chas Waters Benefits of Using LED Lights

    The incandescent light bulb era is now over, and savvy consumers have moved on to the superior LED light — the future of household lighting....

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  • Selecting the Right Safety Eyewear

    , by Chas Waters Selecting the Right Safety Eyewear

    When out at the job, having effective, proper eye protection is a necessity whether you’re building a new house, working on a road or digging...

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  • Lighting Accessories for Camping

    , by Chas Waters Lighting Accessories for Camping

    Nothing beats laying under a summer night sky, toasting marshmallows and counting stars, miles beyond the furthest reaches of civilization. Sitting at a blazing fire...

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  • Why Wear Safety Glasses?

    , by Chas Waters Why Wear Safety Glasses?

    Whether you work in a fast-paced construction site or industrial facility, see patients at a healthcare facility or prepare food at a favorite local neighborhood restaurant, modern workplaces are...

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  • Top Lighting Gifts for the Holidays

    , by Chas Waters Top Lighting Gifts for the Holidays

    As the holidays quickly approach, it’s time to start brainstorming gift ideas for your loved ones this year. Consider skipping the socks and food baskets...

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  • What Are Lumens?

    , by Chas Waters What Are Lumens?

    While technological advancements have enabled significant improvements in lighting solutions, spawning a wide range of different options available, no alternative lighting product can totally replace...

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  • Benefits of LED Flashlights

    , by Chas Waters Benefits of LED Flashlights

    When you move into a new home or buy a new car, having a reliable flashlight on hand can make life easier. Flashlights are the...

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  • Flashlight

    , by Chas Waters How Does a Flashlight Work?

    Most homeowners have a flashlight stashed somewhere in the house in case of an emergency or unexpected power outage. With a simple flick or press...

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  • Puck Light

    , by Chas Waters What Is a Puck Light?

    When you’re out and about, you likely catch yourself reaching for your phone’s flashlight several times to quickly and easily illuminate your surroundings or small...

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  • Questions to Ask When Camping

    , by Chas Waters Questions to Ask When Camping

    Camping — an activity where we challenge ourselves to live temporarily in the wild — is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences we...

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