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    BUTTON LAMP Adhesive LEDs Light Package - Lightweight, Ultra Small, Ultra Bright LED Utility Lights

    Includes disposable LED BUTTON LAMPS™, each with a light output of 13 lumens BUTTON LAMPS™ come with a powerful adhesive, making it easy to install indoors or outdoors Perfect to have for emergencies, power outages, camping trips, closets, shelving or any other tight spaces needing light Waterproof & shockproof, designed for interior or exterior use Rated for 17+ hours of battery life (batteries included) Guaranteed & backed by the Panther Vision BUTTON LAMP™ Limited Lifetime Warranty Tiny stick-on LED lights are the perfect solution when you need more light. Whether setting up an evening campsite or looking through a poorly lit closet, the Panther Vision BUTTON LAMP™ offers powerful, reliable illumination from a convenient and adaptable design. These innovative stick-on LED lights provide a powerful 13 lumens and last 17 hours or more. Stick-on LED lamp lights can even provide dependable light in small and hard-to-see spaces, making them an ideal choice for work or everyday use. Stick-on LED lights have all the utility of a regular-sized lamp in a smaller and more convenient design. Outstanding Power of Small Stick-On LED Lights Panther Vision's adhesive LED lights provide unmatched, ultra-bright light, allowing you to quickly and easily place these lights anywhere you need extra illumination. From shelves and cabinets to vehicle compartments and campsites, stick-on LED lamps provide bright light and are only the size of a quarter. Remove the adhesive backing and place an LED stick-on light wherever you need it. Stick-on LED lights use a reliable adhesive to stay in place, but you can easily remove them and leave behind a clean surface. The bright LED lights can minimize eye strain from looking into a poorly lit cabinet or closet. Panther Vision's LED button lamps feature a shock and waterproof design, providing dependable light for any task, whether it is in the home or the great outdoors. Your Champion for All Things Light. Shop BUTTON LAMPS™ Today With all of the power of a regular lamp, our BUTTON LAMP™ adhesive LEDs are perfect to have around on camping trips and outdoor excursions, in hobby spaces or as a convenient, effective tool in emergency kits. Available in a handy pack of six, these tiny stick on led lights are easy to keep anywhere in your home, car, boat or camper. Check out our selection of BUTTON LAMP™ LED lamps today and enjoy free shipping on your order. Premium Stick-On LED Lamps Having a convenient, reliable light source wherever you go makes sure you have clarity and safety on your side whenever you need it. If you are looking for the power and utility of a regular lamp in a simple, convenient design, grab a 6-pack of our stick-on LED lights. Top Uses for the BUTTON LAMP While BUTTON LAMP Adhesive LED lights are small, they solve a wide range of lighting problems. Is your family planning a camping trip? Or do you just want to be prepared for power outages or an emergency? Having a pack of battery-operated LED lamps ensures you have light when you need it most. Independent contractors, construction crews and DIY enthusiasts will also find that these handy lights brighten dim conditions and make it easier to work in tool sheds, pantries or garages. BUTTON LAMP Adhesive LED Light Features While each BUTTON LAMP is about the size of a quarter, it delivers a light output of 13 lumens. This means that these tiny, compact lamps will produce ultrabright lighting no matter where you install them. When brightening up closets, crevices and corners, these mini LED utility lights are rated for 17+ hours of battery life. Whether you install them in an interior or exterior location, the waterproof and shockproof design will deliver versatile and dependable lighting wherever you need it. How to Install the BUTTON LAMPS With Panther Vision BUTTON LAMPS, it's never been easier to take advantage of the latest innovations in LED lighting. Designed with a powerful peel-and-stick adhesive backing and packaged with batteries included, these lamps will easily adhere to metal, wood, drywall and other materials. Unlike other lamps, these small utility lights are totally cordless and ready to work anywhere. They'll deliver exceptional lighting performance and versatility in a tiny, convenient package.

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BUTTON LAMP™ Adhesive LED Lights

The last thing anyone wants is to be stuck in the dark, whether at home or outdoors. The risk of injury increases in these situations, as darkness leaves you vulnerable to tripping and falling over items. It can also cause you to waste time rummaging for essentials.

Panther Vision has the solution to your power outage emergencies. Our BUTTON LAMP™ Adhesive LED Lights are suited for various applications requiring adequate lighting.

Our Adhesive LED Light Features

When you're left in the dark, you need a reliable light option that can help you see. Our adhesive lights have unique features that set them apart and ensure they can provide the lighting you need in both interior and exterior settings:

  • Long-lasting light: Our adhesive LED lights last for 17 hours or more with their included batteries. 
  • Strong adhesive backing: You can peel and stick these bright LED lights on almost any surface for quick, effective lighting when you need it. The products have a strong adhesive that ensures they stick for long-term use without leaving a sticky residue behind.
  • Compact size: Our BUTTON LAMP™ Adhesive LED Lights are about the size of a quarter and have a single switch, so they don't require much space to perform efficiently. This small size also enables us to use less packaging, helping to reduce waste and protect the environment.
  • Durable construction: These mini adhesive lights can withstand extreme weather due to their waterproof and shockproof construction and durability. As a result, they are perfect in case of emergencies. You can also rely on these products because they are backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty from Panther Vision.
  • Several design options: Our sticky LED lights come in three-pack, six-pack and 18-pack options for variety and versatility. They are also available in lightweight, ultra-small and ultra-bright varieties with a light output of 13 lumens.

BUTTON LAMP™ Adhesive LED Light Uses

There are nearly endless uses for these compact light companions due to their weight and size. Use the versatile sticky LED lights at home or in your car, camper or boat. You can also keep them in your cupboard or store them in your car trunk for easy access.

In work environments, these small adhesive lights benefit contractors, DIY enthusiasts and construction crew members who need them to navigate poorly lit areas like garages and tool sheds. Some more places you can use these helpful products include:

  • Rooms
  • Camps
  • Closets
  • Kitchens
  • Shelves
  • Car trunks
  • Dark rooms
  • Storage facilities

Choosing Panther Vision's BUTTON LAMP™ adhesive LED lights for your lighting needs will help you see in poorly lit areas effectively, whether at home or work.

Order Your BUTTON LAMP™ Adhesive LED Lights From Panther Vision

Life happens, but unexpected power outages and other emergencies that leave you in the dark don't have to put a damper on things. Find your way with our versatile LED lights. 


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