Benefits of LED Flashlights

Benefits of LED Flashlights

, by Chas Waters, 12 min reading time

When you move into a new home or buy a new car, having a reliable flashlight on hand can make life easier. Flashlights are the perfect tool in many everyday situations, such as when you:

  • Require handheld light
  • Desire the ability to set a light down to work on a task
  • Want to control the light using precision and skill
  • Need a strong and portable beam

When you purchase a new flashlight, consider buying a light-emitting diode (LED), which has long-lasting battery power and exceptional energy efficiency. You can use LED flashlights in a variety of situations, as long as you take proper care of them and know when to replace the batteries.

What Is an LED Flashlight?

LED flashlights are technologically advanced, and you use them for so much more than simple household needs. They’re brighter and more efficient flashlights than regular flashlights. They’re also highly reliable and often rechargeable.

Reliability Factor of an LED Flashlight

There are three main reasons why an LED flashlight is so reliable:

  1. Advances in battery efficiency and LED technology make these flashlights brighter, smaller and lighter than those of the past.
  2. The bulbs’ longevity, size and brightness make LED flashlights an ideal tool for getting around in the dark or hitting the trail.
  3. While incandescent bulbs like krypton still have their place in several flashlight models, you can’t beat the run time, brightness options, impact resistance and energy efficiency of an LED flashlight.

The Benefits of Having a Reliable LED Flashlight and Proper Batteries on Hand

You can find many innovative LED flashlight products that are far superior to what people had to use for emergency lighting in the past. Typically, those old flashlight bulbs burned out quickly or didn’t have sustainable battery power to last more than a couple of hours. It’s no wonder we now refer to LED flashlights as emergency lights. But they aren’t just for emergencies. Here are a few of their many practical uses.

1. LED Flashlights Work in Lots of Different Situations

There are a number of circumstances where LED flashlights can be essential, such as:

  • Car repairs
  • Home fixes
  • Camping and hunting
  • Outdoor sports such as cycling or hiking
  • Self-defense
  • And even entertaining pets!

Flashlights are a multipurpose tool ideal for many places. Since flashlight designs have become more technologically advanced, the older disposable battery options have slowly been overtaken by the now-popular rechargeable ones. These newer options are favorable because you can keep a charge with the built-in rechargeable batteries for hours and sometimes days!

2. LED Flashlights Are Green and Cost-Effective

As technology advances, prices become lower, but you may still find LED flashlights cost slightly more up front. Don’t worry — you will often make this investment back. They require fewer batteries than older flashlights to give them power. Plus, the batteries usually last much longer in LED flashlights than non-LED flashlights. LEDs’ efficient light production consumes less energy, which helps you save money over time and also results in a smaller carbon footprint.

3. LED Flashlights Provide a Reliable and Safe Tool

Because of their solid-state construction and small plastic bulbs, LEDs don’t break easily. They are drop-proof and shock-resistant, unlike many flashlights with different bulb types. An LED flashlight makes for a sturdier choice to keep in your bedside drawer or your car. They also don’t flicker out suddenly but rather gradually dim as they lose power, providing you with plenty of warning for when it’s time to replace the battery — another convenience and safety factor.

4. LED Flashlights Are More Resilient Than Other Types of Bulbs

Since LED bulbs are stronger than the older, more fragile incandescent bulbs, you won’t necessarily lose the use of your flashlight if you happen to drop it. They’re more resilient than the older bulbs’ fragile voltage wire.

5. LED Flashlights Exhibit Better Battery Life

LED flashlights use less power than regular flashlights, which equates to longer battery life. And because LED flashlights make less of a drain on batteries, they only use around a third of the power incandescent bulbs need.

6. LED Flashlights Are Convenient to Carry, Store and Use

Lighter and smaller than standard flashlights that require more batteries and incandescent bulbs, LED flashlights are easier to use and hold. They easily fit into your purse or pocket, so you can carry one around with you to find keys that may have fallen under the seat of a car. You’ll also find headlamp styles useful in situations when you need to keep your hands free, from exploring dark caves to undergoing carpentry projects.

7. LED Flashlights Are Simple to Use

Flashlights include easy-to-use buttons. You won’t have to fiddle around to try and turn it on during an emergency that calls for light right away.

8. LED Flashlights Can Utilize Various Light Modes

Another benefit of using LED flashlights is being able to use various types of light modes. You can find a range of them offered, going beyond the typical low, medium and high modes. For instance, some available modes include zoom in, zoom out, strobe and SOS, which enable more enhanced vision — a feature especially helpful in emergencies. If you’re contemplating which flashlight to buy, how you’ll save money in the long run and even how to protect the environment from additional battery discharge, rechargeable lights offer the best alternative.

Types of Batteries Powering LED Flashlights

You should consider the availability and type of replacement batteries when deciding on a flashlight. Some examples include:

  • Disposable: The most common battery sizes are AA and AAA, and they’re readily available as disposables. Another popular choice is CR123A, but this is a bit more expensive and a little more difficult to find. They have a higher voltage output for a smaller weight and size, making a brighter flashlight in a lighter, smaller package possible. You’ll also find flashlights that use D-cell batteries if you desire a baton-sized tool that won’t get easily lost.
  • Renewable: Flashlights with built-in batteries energized by a solar panel or hand crank prove ideal for emergency kits.
  • Rechargeable: You can use a computer and USB connection, solar panel or an AC or DC outlet to recharge built-in lithium-ion batteries. The low ongoing running cost, reduced waste and no need for disposable batteries will more than make up for the higher upfront cost.

How to Tell When Your LED Flashlight Batteries Need Replacing

When it comes to batteries, you get what you pay for. Heavy-duty batteries may cost less than rechargeables, but they don’t last as long. Rechargeable batteries can be used over and over, making them worth their investment.

There are a variety of rechargeable batteries. However, the most popular are lithium-ion batteries, since they offer more energy than other different types. They hold their charge far better than older types of batteries such as nickel-metal hydride.

Though you can reuse rechargeable batteries, flashlight batteries need replacing eventually. You may be asking yourself, “How do you dispose of a lithium battery?” The short answer is: you recycle them.

How to Recycle Lithium Batteries

Although you can toss the non-rechargeable, single-use batteries in the garbage, you can’t merely throw out lithium-ion batteries. They contain toxic materials hazardous to the environment if left in a landfill and are dangerous to our health. When it comes time to dispose of your lithium-ion batteries, you need to bring them to a reliable recycling center.

Where Can I Recycle Lithium Batteries?

This is probably your next question once you’ve determined you have batteries to recycle. Lithium-ion batteries’ contents, while toxic, aren’t as toxic as most other types of batteries, making them easier to recycle. However, lithium is an extremely reactive element. Lithium batteries have pressurized content and a flammable electrolyte that could cause them to burst into flames.

It’s particularly risky for lithium-ion batteries to sit in the back of a dry recycling truck loaded with cardboard and paper. Heat or pressure, particularly in the summertime, could cause them to spark and start a fire. These types of batteries are among the most common starters of fires in recycling trucks.

Instead of tossing lithium batteries in your home recycling bin, bring them to your local recycling center. They know exactly how to recycle batteries of all sizes and shapes while helping the environment. You can find your local recycling drop-off centers by visiting Call2Recycle.

The Panther Vision Lighting and Batteries Difference

If you need lithium batteries for your LED flashlight, consider those from Panther Vision. Our lithium batteries are compatible with your pre-owned electronics, providing you with suitable versatility. We’ve developed batteries that offer dependability and longevity, rivaling the most notable battery manufacturers.

As long as you have our Panther Vision four-pack batteries, you can stop worrying about being left in the dark or with no power in your devices and go-to tools during a power shortage. Our products, as well as the 3-volt premium batteries that power them, offer long lifespans, providing you with the light you require for all your worksite jobs, camping trips and dimly-lit activities. But, when it comes to batteries, you never know when they’ll run out of juice and require a replacement.

No matter what you’re doing or where you’re doing it, you deserve the highest-quality tools available to get the task at hand done. You won’t find a more impressive or reliable option for batteries and LED flashlights than what we offer at Panther Vision.

Take, for instance, the FLATEYE™ rechargeable flashlights. When you invest in FLATEYE™ technology, you may not want another flashlight again. FLATEYEs™ offer many impressive features, including:

  1. Heat dispersion: When you need a flashlight for a lengthy period, standard models can often overheat. The FLATEYE™ flashlights come with the patented Hyper-Fin Cooling Technology, which dissipates extra heat from the LED of the flashlight when you work on a project or out in the field.
  2. Sturdy ergonomic grip: You’ve probably noticed that when you hold standard flashlights, the grip can feel uncomfortable because of their inconvenient size or shape. The ergonomic FLATEYE™ has a polymer grip with aircraft aluminum and unround design, so it fits in your hand comfortably without issues.
  3. Shockproofing: Due to the design of the FLATEYE™, you won’t need to worry about it rolling away. Also, they’re made with top-tier materials with shock absorbency, so if you drop the flashlight, it will continue functioning.
  4. Waterproofing: All electronics should be resilient, particularly in wet environments. Fortunately, the FLATEYE™ has sealed plugs and switches, so it resists a drop into a puddle. You can even submerge it completely underwater for up to 30 minutes.

Along with these special features, the FLATEYE™ models have other benefits which put them in front of the competition. A couple of these include:

  • Varying brightness levels: With the high lumen, with ratings of up to 2,100 lumens, LED flashlights provide broader sight lines and uncompromising clarity. They often emit a beam that can reach around 640 feet on their highest mode.
  • Extended battery life: Because of the unround, flat design, these flashlights hold more batteries than rounder flashlights of a similar size, allowing them to stay brighter longer.

Check Out Your Flashlight and Battery Options Available From Panther Vision

Panther Vision has enhanced the illumination industry with a range of products that have taken people out of the dark all over the U.S. We offer products that provide dependability and longevity comparable to anything you can find on the market.

LED Lighting Options From Panther Vision

We offer several LED lighting options, including:

Panther Vision provides sturdy flashlights that offer elite features, performing at an unmatched level. But what’s a sturdy flashlight without its key component: an energy source?

Battery Options From Panther Vision

We sell several varieties of our lithium 3-volt batteries because small differences do matter. A few options for batteries include:

By purchasing our four-battery replacement packs, you’ll be rewarded with affordable value when you compare them with your other options. Stock them in a kitchen drawer, car glove compartment or your work desk so you’ll always have the backup you need.

Browse Our Batteries and LED Flashlights

If you were to buy a cheap replacement for a flashlight, you’d waste your time and money since they won’t last very long. Despite there being so many grocery or drug store flashlight varieties available, many people find themselves buying subpar products only to have the lights fail when they need it most.

When looking for the best illumination option, selecting the most efficient flashlights and batteries can save you money and time, which is why many individuals turn to the patented products Panther Vision offers. Shop our products today and light up your future!

About the Author:

Chas Waters

As the VP of Sales and Marketing for Panther Vision, Chas Waters has played a pivotal part in helping Panther Vision continue to create innovative lighting products. As a true outdoorsman, Chas brings a wealth of expertise into what lighting solutions are the most useful for our customers. He has been a key member of the Panther Vision team, starting in the business when he was 16 years old, and prides himself in finding the best solutions to help our customers experience the outdoors and make their lives easier with our products.


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