Top Lighting Gifts for the Holidays

Top Lighting Gifts for the Holidays

, by Chas Waters, 12 min reading time

As the holidays quickly approach, it’s time to start brainstorming gift ideas for your loved ones this year. Consider skipping the socks and food baskets for something more unique, but just as practical — lights. Lights are a crucial part of our everyday lives — so branch out from your traditional gift-giving habits and give lights as gifts for everyone on your list.

Whether you’re shopping for a book lover, someone looking to enhance their home’s interior or an outdoor extraordinaire, lighting gifts will be the perfect present for all the different people in your life.

For the Reader

For that friend or relative who might stay up and spend long nights reading in bed, lighted reading glasses make the perfect gift. LIGHTSPECS® LED reading glasses come in both battery-powered and rechargeable options. The battery-powered reading glasses last up to 50 hours before you need to change the batteries, while the rechargeable glasses last around four hours, but take less than three hours to recharge fully. For a more portable option, consider ITZY BITZYs — these lighted readers easily fit in a wallet or purse for extra light and magnification any time, any place.

For the DIYer

For the friend or family member who loves working on home improvements or do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, gift them LIGHTSPECS safety glasses so they can continue working long after it gets dark. These safety glasses feature impact-resistant lenses and 24 lumens of light with a replaceable battery life that lasts 50 hours. Your DIYer can have light whenever they need it and help minimize eye strain.

Does your gift recipient work on noisy projects? Consider gifting LED lighted earmuffs for extra protection. These unique earmuffs provide a 25-decibel noise reduction rating and feature four ultra-bright LED lights that turn on just by pushing the switch, so they can keep working after sundown or start their work before dawn. The LED lighted earmuffs work in inclement weather and provide up to 13 hours of use before you need to replace the batteries.

For the Gamer

Need a gift for the gamer in your life? Whether they play on a PC or a gaming console, gamers typically take pride in having a killer setup. Consider lighting gifts for some bonus illumination and flair. Does your loved one keep their gaming console in a media center? If so, our Power Clips mount easily above their console so they can put a spotlight on their gaming rig. If they keep their games in a cabinet or on a shelf, Power Clips make for a great, compact solution for lighting their collection.

If you’re looking to give a functional gift that will stylize their gaming area, consider LED button lamps. By attaching LED button lamps to the rear of a monitor or TV, they’ll create a stunning back-lit effect while being kind to their eyes. Button lamps attached to the back of a screen so they light up the surface or wall behind the screen — also known as bias lighting — can reduce eye strain during long gaming sessions. They can also attach the button lamps to the underside of a desk or media console to provide lighting accents that make a setup pop.

For the Fitness Guru

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, adults should get anywhere from two and a half to five hours of moderately intense exercise a week. With busy schedules, more and more people are running after sunset or before sunrise to squeeze in their workout. Get the runner in your life an LED POWERCAP® Beanie to help them stay safe and fit. With a battery life that lasts up to 50 hours, POWERCAP® Beanies allow a morning jogger or an evening exerciser 72 feet of visibility. The beanies are also made with polyester to help absorb moisture and keep your favorite runner cool. Ditch the handheld light and focus more on fitness while lighting the way with a lighted cap.

If it’s too warm for a beanie, but you still want to ensure visibility in the dark, a safety bug personal strobe light makes a great gift. You can easily attach these safety lights to hats, coats, backpacks or even dog collars using magnetic clings, stick-pin attachment or backings with adhesive. With the five ultra-bright red LED lights in a safety bug, your friend or family member and their pets can easily make their presence known to any passing vehicles while running or walking near the road.

For the Decorator

Know someone who’s always looking for new ways to keep their home fresh with convenient or productive improvements? Go with a lighting gift. Bias lighting can help breathe more life into a dark room and even make a wall’s paint color pop — and it isn’t just for gamers. Lights on the back of the family room TV can make a difference even for casual, cozy movie nights at home. Light is also a mood-enhancer and can help bring up the atmosphere in a room with the simple addition of a light source. Giving an ambient lighting gift can also help show off wall decor.

How about if you know they have closets without light, and have mentioned needing a fix? Instead of running wires or hiring an electrician, a small, adhesive BUTTON LAMP™ LED light is excellent for providing light in places where larger lighting options won’t fit. These lamps are a non-invasive lighting solution your loved one is sure to find both unique and useful. They’re small but mighty — they produce 13 lumens of light and are as bright as a traditional lamp. These button lamps mount readily under cabinets, on shelves, in closets and other nooks to provide a powerful source of light for at least 17 hours before you need to replace batteries.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who uses battery-powered LED string lights to provide a cozy touch to their home decor — wrapping them around indoor plants, mirrors, wall art or in mason jars — gift a pack of CR2032 batteries. Many string lights use these batteries, and having extra batteries available when needed is a useful and thoughtful gift.

For the Green Thumb

As the holidays approach, what can you get for the loved ones who spend most of their time in the yard? If they take pride in their nighttime garden display, adding lights to the garden is a great way to accentuate the hard work they’ve put in. In fair weather climates, you can highlight year-round blooms and greenery. In colder climates, the twinkle of night light softly illuminates branches and shrubs as they winter over for the year. Regardless of climate, easy-to-use yard lights make an excellent gift for all the green thumbs in your life. There are countless options for garden lighting, but to highlight your friend or family member’s hard work in the yard, consider a solar puck light.

Solar puck lights are a great addition to any garden, acting as spotlights to showcase plants or yard ornaments or statues, such as garden gnomes. You can hang solar puck lights or lay them on a flat surface so you can direct the light where you need it. Since these lights are solar-powered, position them in spots with good exposure to the sun. Daylight will recharge them during the day so they can shine bright for several hours at night. In the case of any pesky critters getting into your loved one’s garden after hours, solar puck lights are a handy way to keep an eye on things when it’s dark outside.

Whether your friend or family member wants to draw attention to their display or simply protect it, solar puck lights make a good gift.

For the Grill Master

For those family members or friends who prefer to spend their time outside on the grill, a clip-on LED light or POWERCAP® Beanie is the way to go for the holidays this year.

When it comes to your late-night barbecue needs, versatile clip-on lights easily attach to hats, clothing or any other edges by clipping them on with strong alligator clips, adhesive backing or magnetic tabs. These clip lights provide 21 lumens of light from two LED lights so your loved one can see how dinner is cooking even if it’s dark outside.

POWERCAP® Beanies help keep you warm by the grill and provide excellent hands-free lighting. Our material design means these fleece beanies are comfortable, easy to wash and intended to last.

For the Camper

For many, camping is a favorite pastime to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with family and friends. The 2019 North American Camping Report revealed more than 78 million households across the U.S. go camping, which is a record high. Since 2014, camping households have grown 22%, so we’ll likely continue to see more and more people spending quality outdoor time for years to come. Whether you’re picking a gift for a camping novice or expert, lights are always a safe bet.

  • For the campers in your life, give them a gift they can use over and over again, such as outdoor utility lights. Since there are typically no wall outlets when you go camping, something like a solar puck light is perfect for keeping your campsite and tent lit when it gets dark out. Solar puck lights are portable, durable and weatherproof, so they can withstand any camping conditions. The light’s 1,400-milliamp rechargeable battery gets power through the solar panel on the back and creates a light that can last anywhere from three to seven hours on a full charge. The light recharges in 11 hours and uses four LED lights, bright enough to light up the area, so your night doesn’t have to end when it gets dark outside.
  • Give them a flat LED flashlight. For early-morning or late-night hikes, campers need to see where they’re going. Unlike your traditional rounded flashlights, a flat flashlight has a sturdier, more effortless grip that remains comfortable in your hand for long hikes through the forest. These flashlights feature cooling technologies to counteract overheating, various brightness levels and an extended battery life that can last up to 13 hours with the smallest model and up to 40 hours on the highest-graded model. Drop it in a puddle? Don’t sweat it. These flat flashlights are also waterproof for more than 30 minutes when submerged under a meter of water.

For the Outdoor Sportsperson

Just like some people love to camp, some would rather put their skills to the test by hunting and fishing. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s 2016 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Associated Recreation, more than 101 million Americans, 16 or older, participated in wildlife-related activities in 2016. Of those Americans, 39.6 million went fishing and hunting — 35.8 million fished, 11.5 million hunted and about 7.7 million did both. Consider hands-free lighting gifts this holiday season for your favorite fishers or hunters.

With an LED cap, your friend or family member won’t have to worry about seeing in the dark or having a third hand to hold a light while trying to reel in a fish. With more than 40 feet of visibility and 40 hours of battery life, these hats offer hand-free convenience to let you see what you’re doing at night. A visor or hat made from polyester absorbs moisture, especially if you’re fishing in the warmer months. With styles for both men and women, you can try camo or bright orange and find the right cap for any of the special hunters or fishers in your life. Getting a gift for someone who already has a designated hunting or fishing hat? Consider the POWER CLIP™. This clip-on light features two super-bright LED lights and is easily attachable to a favorite cap, clothing or any other edge using the durable alligator clip or magnetic adhesive disk.

Choose Panther Vision for Lighting Products and Accessories for Your Upcoming Holiday Gift-Giving

From puck lights to flashlights to caps to glasses and even batteries, think outside the stocking this year and shop with Panther Vision. Our assortment of quality lighting solutions means you can find a creative, useful gifts this holiday season for all the family and friends on your list.

About the Author:

Chas Waters

As the VP of Sales and Marketing for Panther Vision, Chas Waters has played a pivotal part in helping Panther Vision continue to create innovative lighting products. As a true outdoorsman, Chas brings a wealth of expertise into what lighting solutions are the most useful for our customers. He has been a key member of the Panther Vision team, starting in the business when he was 16 years old, and prides himself in finding the best solutions to help our customers experience the outdoors and make their lives easier with our products.


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