Why Wear Safety Glasses?

Why Wear Safety Glasses?

, by Chas Waters, 3 min reading time

Whether you work in a fast-paced construction site or industrial facility, see patients at a healthcare facility or prepare food at a favorite local neighborhood restaurant, modern workplaces are a dangerous environment. Think of how often you’re exposed to commonly found job site materials such as wood chips, metal flakes, oil and grease splashes, hot steam and other foreign objects that can cause serious eye injuries. If you work alongside these damaging materials daily without wearing protective gear, you can experience anywhere from minor irritations and discomfort to a severe condition.

Job site eye injuries are incredibly common, affecting at least 2,000 individuals every day, and severe enough to require immediate medical attention. The most common eye injuries are caused by:

  • Projectiles:Dust, concrete, metal flakes, wood shavings and other materials
  • Chemicals: Splashes and fumes
  • Radiation: Visible light, ultraviolet radiation, infrared radiation and lasers
  • Blood-borne pathogens: Blood and other bodily fluids that may be infected with hepatitis or HIV.

While severe eye injury or potential blindness are serious concerns, you can easily prevent these conditions by wearing safety glasses.

Reasons to Wear Safety Glasses at Work

Eye injuries are most commonly caused by individuals not wearing proper safety glasses for the job or task, or lacking eye protection entirely. Don’t become a part of the shocking workplace eye injury static — wear protective eyewear to:

  • Reduce foreign object exposure: Construction and maintenance workers, welders and plumbers are constantly exposed to damaging materials such as dirt, dust, chemicals and wood and metal objects. These can cause minor issues including eye irritation, or severe injury leading to long-lasting damage and even blindness.
  • Avoid major accidents: Safety glasses help shield your eyes from chemical fumes, burns, greases, oils and other substances that can lead to a severe eye injury.
  • Ultraviolet light protection: While working outdoors, long-term exposure to UV light can damage fragile eye tissues and eventually lead to diseases such as multiple sclerosis or even cancer.
  • Prevent computer vision syndrome: Computer vision syndrome is the effect of staring at screens for a prolonged period. This exposure can cause eye strain, blurred vision and dry eye. Wearing protective safety glasses with coated lenses can manage the discomfort and eye strain caused by screens.
  • Save time and money: By regularly wearing the proper safety glasses at work, both individuals and companies can save money by preventing and lessening the severity of eye injuries.

Different Types of Safety Glasses

The biggest benefit of wearing safety glasses includes preventing serious eye injuries often caused by chemicals, corneal flash burns, dust, pollen and blunt force. Common safety eyewear protection includes:

  • Prescription and non-prescription safety glasses
  • Goggles
  • Face shields
  • Welding helmets
  • Side shields designed for specific activities

Better Eye Protection With Improved, Quality Safety Glasses Available at Panther Vision

At Panther Vision, we’ve developed the best safety glasses — the LIGHTSPECS® — to provide reliable, effective eye protection for any hobby or occupation. What sets our collection of LIGHTSPECS® safety glasses apart is its durable polycarbonate frame and ANSI-rated design as well as innovative upgrades, including powerful LED lights concealed in the frame. These ultra-bright lights shine directly in your field of vision, so you can see clearly, improving worksite safety, precision and performance.

Browse our collection of LIGHTSPECS® safety glasses today to find a style that’s right for you. When you order today, you’ll receive a limited lifetime warranty on all of our products and free shipping.

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