Selecting the Right Safety Eyewear

Selecting the Right Safety Eyewear

, by Chas Waters, 3 min reading time

When out at the job, having effective, proper eye protection is a necessity whether you’re building a new house, working on a road or digging and planting new landscaping. Safety glasses serve a vital function on job sites, protecting your eyes from everything from ultraviolet rays to flying debris and dust and pollen in the air. All it takes is one small misstep or particle to damage your eyes, causing severe injury or irreparable damage.

However, eye injuries are easy to avoid with a pair of safety glasses to shield your eyes. The right kind of protective eyewear can even enhance your vision with specialty coatings, built-in lighting and prescription lenses for better performance.

What Kind of Safety Glasses Do You Need?

Finding the right safety eyewear is more than just grabbing a pair of clear one-size-fits-all plastic glasses next time you swing by the hardware store. Safety glasses are defined by their function — durability, personal style and performance. For the most effective coverage and results, consider:

  • Daily work hazards: Think about your standard workday — do you handle chemicals, work with power tools, stare at computer screens or work in other hectic environments with potentially hazardous materials? Different safety glasses have various safety features to protect against specific hazards.
  • ANSI-ratings: An ANSI Z87.1 certification shows that protective eyewear is durable and can withstand several damaging issues such as impact, non-ionizing radiation and liquid splash exposure. ANSI ratings are a standard workplace requirement, and the ANSI Z87.1 rating is a minimum criterion needed for safety glasses.
  • Protective features: Once you’ve determined the most potentially hazardous conditions at your workplace, find safety eyewear to provide the most comprehensive protection against those dangers. You may need to purchase multiple pairs of eyewear for different conditions or find specific eye protective gear such as welding helmets.

How to Choose Safety Glasses

When exploring your different safety eyewear options, you’ll find a wide variety of different styles and protective features, so it’s important to select the right kind of protective eyewear for your daily needs. By finding an appropriate pair of safety glasses, you’ll also be more likely to wear them daily instead of leaving them in your car or crammed at the bottom of a bag.

Find the best safety glasses for your needs by considering the following:

  • Lens coatings and finishes: Safety glasses are subjected to demanding conditions, and many have extra coatings for better performance. Several styles have anti-scratch, anti-fog and scratch-resistant finishes.
  • Lens tint: Tints provide more than flashy style, and you’ll find tints serve particular functions. For example, gray tints will diminish sunlight in indoor and outdoor settings and photochromic lenses will darken in outdoor light.
  • Prescription lenses: Don’t just balance new safety glasses on top of your prescription glasses. This will not only look unusual, but it will also affect your performance. Find safety glasses with prescription lens options, bifocals or over-prescription safety glasses that snugly fit over your frames.
  • Fit and style: When purchasing new safety glasses, make sure to find a style you like that fits properly. There’s a wide range of different protective eyewear options to suit all tastes. When you find frames you like, you’re more likely to wear them and feel confident.

Feel Worry-Free With LED Safety Glasses From Panther Vision

No matter what type of hazards and challenges you face, your safety glasses should keep you properly protected, enhance your performance and be an attractive, functional tool. With Panther Vision’s LED safety glasses, you can confidently complete any task while seeing even the most minute detail clearly. Shop Panther Vision’s LIGHTSPECS® LED safety glasses available in several styles with bifocal and prescription lens options.

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