Check out our collection of videos featuring innovative Panther Vision LED lighting products on television and in action. These videos showcase a fraction of the ways our innovative products make life easier, from hands-free lights you can mount or wear, to powerful portable LED flashlights and lamps. We’ve harnessed LED technology to create affordable, lightweight and durable products that pack a big punch while staying compact with extended battery life.

The Tiny But Mighty Panther Vision BUTTON LAMP™

At roughly the size of a quarter, the Panter Vision BUTTON LAMP™ is the hero to light up the night. This tiny-but-mighty light is your take-anywhere companion for 13 lumens of bright LED light in a sleek design with powerful adhesion you can stick to just about any smooth surface. Use the BUTTON LAMP™ both inside and outside, and know it is waterproof up to one meter. Turn it on with the press of a button and enjoy dependable hands-free lighting wherever and whenever you need it.

Illuminate Your Life With The FLATEYE™ WINK

Conquer the night with the FLATEYE™ WINK — the next generation of flashlights. The FLATEYE™ WINK features a flat, sleek design perfect for slipping into your pocket. These compact lights produce an incredible 75 lumens of LED light for nine hours of continuous use. You can also take advantage of a Velcro™ disk for hands-free use. These lights are waterproof up to one meter — perfect for use on the boat, in the glovebox or while waiting for the sun to come up.

The Waterproof And Shockproof FLATEYE™ UNROUND Flashlight

Experience the difference of design with the FLATEYE™ UNROUND light, available in brightness levels ranging from 310 lumens up to 2100 lumens of super-bright LED light. Its flat design is perfect for slipping into your front or back pocket, and unlike round flashlights, it stays put when placed on uneven surfaces. The FLATEYE™ is waterproof and maintains a constant beam up to one meter underwater.

See Our BUTTON LAMP™ Featured On ABC

ABC’s World News Now show hosted legendary writer Dick DeBartolo to discuss the latest in affordable tech gadgets, leading with Panther Vision’s coin-sized BUTTON LAMP™. As an author for Mad Magazine, Dick reveals our BUTTON LAMP™ LED lights often help him find things he’s dropped under his desk.

Panther Vision Products On The QVC Network

Panther Vision products have often been featured on the QVC Network, helping shoppers discover new products. Watch videos discussing the benefits and uses of our BUTTON LAMP™, POWERCAP® and LIGHTSPECS® hands-free LED lighting. These videos offer excellent tips on the many different ways virtually anyone can use our products to solve common problems and simplify their lives.

The FLATEYE™ UNROUND Light Vs. Yesterday’s Flashlights

When technology moves forward, some people get stuck in the past. When you need a super-bright handheld LED flashlight, don’t be like these guys. Watch these two videos to compare the difference between the FLATEYE™ UNROUND flashlight and yesterday’s round flashlights, and see what happens when you try to overcome modern challenges with products from 1899.


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