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    LIGHTSPECS Predator LED Safety Glasses With Lights

    LED Lighted Safety Glasses featuring ANSI Z87.1-2010 rated impact-resistant lenses High-quality glasses with ultra-bright LEDs concealed in the temples Perfect for DIY, home improvement, construction, range or any other activity needing LED lighting LEDs are canted inward to shine the light exactly where you need it without leaving any dark spots Provide 24 lumens of light with a battery life of 50 hours (batteries included & replaceable) Guaranteed & backed by the Panther Vision LIGHTSPECS® Limited Lifetime Warranty Become the most dangerous predator around with Panther Vision’s Predator LED Safety Glasses. When you equip these innovative, hands-free LED lighted specs, you can effectively explore even the darkest crevices of the woods and wilderness, reigning as the supreme hunter and not the hunted. Whether you’re getting out early at the beginning of the hunting season, setting up a base for a camping or hiking trip or finishing the last details of a DIY or construction project, you need reliable, effective visibility and eye protection. The Predator LED Safety Glasses available at Panther Vision are the attractive and practical eyewear you need with the performance and versatility to help you thrive in any outdoor pursuit. Stay Ready for Anything With LED Lighted Glasses At Panther Vision, we’ve developed the most revolutionary hands-free lighting devices available, designed to take care of your well-being by providing illuminating brightness, stylish camouflage design and durable, lightweight construction. Complete with two ultra-bright LED bulbs discreetly located in the temples of the Predator frames, these glasses have you covered in any indoor or outdoor environment and conditions. As the darkness begins to envelop, simply flip the switch located in the frames and flood your space with 24 lumens of light for up to 50 hours. As the CR 1632 lithium batteries begin to diminish in effectiveness, simply swap them out — the battery compartment is inconspicuously located in both frame arms. The Predator LED Safety Glasses are made from resilient materials designed to save weight, offer maximum comfort and resist scratches and damage with ANSI-rated lenses. The Predator LED Safety Glasses will help you focus on the things that matter most with the most powerful lighting possible. Safely Lurk in the Darkness With Panther Vision’s Predator LED Glasses A pair of eyeglasses can be more than a fashion statement or bland form of eye protection – with Panther Vision's Predator LED Glasses, you can have the best of both worlds with improved hands-free LED lighting. At Panther Vision, we’re dedicated to creating the most practical, advanced lighting products available to make your life easier and clearer. Browse our selection of Predator LED Glasses and other LIGHTSPECS® eyewear today and enjoy free shipping on all orders.



Experience the perfect blend of clear vision and enhanced safety when you use LIGHTSPECS® LED light glasses. Our safety-lighted glasses protect your eyes during any project, while the LED lighting lets you see every detail clearly. 


Our safety glasses with lights have the following features:

  • ANSI Z87.1-2010 rated
  • Impact-resistant lenses to handle plenty of punishment on the job 
  • Ergonomic frames that wrap around the face for good coverage and comfort
  • Built-in lighting that shines at 24 lumens

We also offer the Predator series for people who love the thrill of outdoor activities, as they come in a convincing camo finish that will blend into the rest of your attire. 

Applications of Lighted Safety Glasses

These lighted safety glasses are carefully designed to have a comfortable and secure fit, with lenses that encircle the entire eye for ultimate protection. The LED lights on the safety glasses provide a bright and clear view at all times, making them the ideal solution for many applications:

  • DIY: Lighted safety glasses are must-have protective equipment for DIY enthusiasts who handle power tools or other hazardous materials. Even if you’re working on an arts and crafts project, these glasses can safeguard your eyes from flying debris while giving you the necessary lighting to complete your masterpiece.
  • Home improvement: When you’re working on repairs in dark spaces like under the sink, our safety glasses will help you see clearly without you needing to use your hands to hold a flashlight or other forms of lighting.
  • Construction: Safety glasses are mandatory on construction sites. With the incredible impact resistance and added lighting of LIGHTSPECS® LED light glasses, you can complete any project that involves sparks, liquids or other hazardous materials while looking into every necessary nook and cranny. 
  • Outdoor activities: You can protect your eyes from mishaps during fishing and hunting while having the added light to perform tasks when the circumstances call for precision. These glasses are also great for running, camping or any other outdoor activities in the dark.

Benefits of Our LED Lighted Safety Glasses

At Panther Vision, we have taken years to develop the LIGHTSPECS® technology to ensure our safety glasses are a reliable solution for all. Our lighted safety glasses come with various benefits, including: 

  • Convenience: Safety glasses with lights offer unmatched convenience for completing tasks efficiently and with great precision. 
  • High-performance: Our flashlight glasses feature patented designs with high-impact lenses for added protection and LED lights that deliver the necessary illumination in various applications to ensure unparalleled performance. 
  • Limited lifetime warranty: We take pride in our products' quality and performance, which is why each of our LIGHTSPECS® LED light glasses is backed by a limited lifetime warranty

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Panther Vision specializes in uncommon solutions for common problems. It’s time to see the world from a brighter perspective, so place your order for LIGHTSPECS® today!


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