Support Team Rubicon With a BUTTON LAMP™ Purchase


Panther Vision® is Teaming Up With Team Rubicon

We’re proud to announce an official partnership with Team Rubicon, an international disaster response nonprofit that unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to provide relief to communities in need. For the last decade, Team Rubicon has helped people across the globe recover from humanitarian crises and natural disasters. We share their compassion, and we’re committed to helping through an ongoing partnership made possible through your support.
Leveraging the unique skills, teamwork and dedication inherent to their volunteers, Team Rubicon assembles and deploys to areas affected by disaster fast, rebuilding the community and aiding the affected. At Panther Vision, we think this is a great cause, and one well worth our support. We hope you think so too, and we’d like to invite you to help them help the world through purchasing our products.

Our Mission 

When designing the BUTTON LAMP™ LED light, our team’s goal was to create something that had the attributes of a Team Rubicon member. We wanted it to be tough, strong, resilient, gritty and dependable no matter how or when it’s called to duty. And most of all, we wanted it to shine bright and be a beacon of hope in the darkest times. We think we’ve succeeded, with a bright, shockproof LED lamp suited for indoor and outdoor use, ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.

The Innovative BUTTON LAMP™

button lamp

Sometimes, heroes DO come in small packages

A BUTTON LAMP™ has a diameter similar to a quarter, with a strong adhesive back for reliable attachment to a wide variety of surfaces from stacks of raw construction materials to the wall of a bedroom closet. The BUTTON LAMP™ LED light features a low profile design, perfect for keeping a room’s aesthetic intact or for use in high traffic areas. Turn it on and keep your hands free for using tools, rummaging through closets and performing any task faster.

Reliable Lighting When and Where You Need It

BUTTON LAMPS™ pack a punch, producing a powerful 13 lumens of LED light for up to 17 hours before replacing the batteries. Just like the hard-working members of Team Rubicon, the lamps help in countless situations, including:

  • On the job: Whether you’re in construction, the utility industry or you need more light in the supply closet at work, a BUTTON LAMP™ is your trusted sidekick.
  • Outdoors: BUTTON LAMPS™ are waterproof and easily adhere to wood, metal, plastic and more for a hands-free lamp in a hunting blind, fishing boat or the family campsite.
  • Outages: Prepare for emergencies with BUTTON LAMPS™ for every room and hallway, perfect for keeping your home or business safe during unexpected power outages.
  • At home: Move around easier with self-adhesive LED lights fixed in all the darkest corners and cabinets of your home for bright and better visibility at the touch of a button.

Small Lamps With Big Impacts

Together, we can help people around the world recover from the unexpected. Join Pather Vision in our ongoing mission to support the dedicated volunteers at Team Rubicon by making your purchase today count. When you buy a six-pack of BUTTON LAMPS™ using the donation code “TeamRubicon” at checkout, $1 will go to support Team Rubicon and its team of veterans and first responders so they can continue their mission of worldwide disaster relief.

Team Rubicon funnels 89% of every dollar earned to their relief efforts directly on the ground, including disaster cleanup, community relief and training volunteers. This group of selfless individuals relies on donations just like yours to keep their mission going. Our partnership with Team Rubicon is about helping people through technology, and we want to help you live a better life with the most advanced LED products on the market. Enter your discount code at checkout, and we’ll take care of the rest.

On behalf of all of us here at Panther Vision, thank you for your support, and thank you for supporting our veterans.


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