Military personnel work in some of the toughest conditions, all in the name of defending their country. Military members often work around the clock and encounter high-stakes situations. As a result, they need reliable equipment to do their jobs. Lighting becomes a key factor when an operation goes overnight or enters a dark environment. Panther Vision supports the military by offering lighting solutions for even the darkest nights on the job.

Panther Vision LED lighting for the military provides light in a convenient way. Our products offer long battery life and extra bright illumination with durable exteriors. With our lighting products, military personnel will no longer need to worry about working through dark conditions. Products like the FLATEYE™ LED flashlight and POWER CLIP™ light will help heroes at home and abroad carry out essential missions and projects that promote national safety.

FLATEYE™ LED Flashlight

Our FLATEYE™ LED Flashlight updates the traditional flashlight that’s been around for years, making it well-suited to military work. Instead of a rounded shape, our flashlight has an UNROUND design. With a shape similar to the barrel of a gun, the handle provides more comfort than conventional flashlight handles. The FLATEYE™ comes in many lengths and brightness levels, so you can choose an option that fits the requirements of your operation.

Along with an ultra-bright LED light, the FLATEYE™ has many important features to benefit the military. The Hyper-Fin™ design around the bulb disperses heat generated by the LED, so you don’t have to worry about the flashlight getting too hot. The FLATEYE™ is also waterproof, just in case the line of duty involves water. Two rows of batteries keep the light running for up to 40 hours.


Want hands-free LED lighting for the military that emits plenty of light? Our POWER CLIP™ LED light will serve you well as a tiny portable light for any work you need to do. The clip holds two ultra-bright LEDs that emit 21 lumens of light. The long-lasting battery provides light for hours, so you won’t worry about running out of power in the middle of something important.

To use this hands-free light, simply attach the POWER CLIP™ to your uniform, helmet or tactical equipment. It even comes with a magnet to attach to tools or other items you need light to use. Wherever military work takes you, the POWER CLIP™ will light your way. With many applications, this hands-free lighting product lends itself well to military use.

Get LED Lighting for the Military Today

Our national heroes need the best equipment to complete tough jobs. That’s why Panther Vision creates high-performance flashlights and hands-free lights for the military. Whether you need an overhead light in the barracks or a light to help you sweep an area, our products are designed with your needs in mind. Order LED lighting for the military from Panther Vision today and take advantage of our free shipping and limited lifetime warranty.


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