With any job, darkness presents an obstacle to completing tasks. Especially for law enforcement, lighting makes the difference when working a shift. That’s why Panther Vision makes high-quality flashlights and hands-free lighting for law enforcement use, giving police officers the bright, reliable LED lighting they depend on. Our lighting products provide excellent battery life and include features like cooling technology for comfort while in motion.

At Panther Vision, we understand that lighting plays an essential role in an officer’s ability to work safely and effectively. Whether chasing down a suspect at night or investigating a dark area, you can rely on our LED lights to illuminate the way. With our wide selection of products, you will find the perfect solution for your operation at a competitive price. In particular, our POWERCAP® hat and FLATEYE™ flashlight are ideal for officers looking to add the most helpful tools to their belts.

POWERCAP® Law Enforcement Tactical Series Hat

Our POWERCAP® 2.0 Law Enforcement LED Headlamp Hat keeps your hands free while working without compromising your ability to see. Our hats are comfortable to wear during whatever activities your shift entails. They feature batteries that last up to 12.5 hours, so you won’t have to worry about the lights shutting off in the middle of something important.

The design of the Law Enforcement Tactical Series caters specifically to police officers. The sleek design of the hat will match the rest of your uniform with its professional look and choice of navy or black. Three lighting settings allow you to choose how much light emits from your cap. No need to worry about the elements — we make our hats water-resistant and washable, perfect for after a long shift. The POWERCAP® will quickly become a key tool when on the job.

FLATEYE™ LED Flashlight

We took it upon ourselves to update the old design of the traditional flashlight. The FLATEYE™ LED Flashlight has an UNROUND design that makes it better than any other flashlight on the market. With an ergonomic grip, the FLATEYE™ has a comfortable handle that is easy to use in any setting. These innovative flashlights come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the best one for the challenges you encounter during a shift.

Other features of the FLATEYE™ include heat dispersion and long battery life for busy nights. The LED lights can adjust their brightness to reach up to 640 feet away. We are proud of our new take on the age-old flashlight and all the benefits it brings to law enforcement professionals. The FLATEYE™ is here to assist your vision throughout your patrol.

Order LED Lighting for Police Officers Today

For your LED lighting needs, Panther Vision is the answer. Our products are ANSI rated to ensure they meet our customers’ needs and expectations. We offer custom high-end lighting solutions for your operation, and we stand by our products with a limited lifetime warranty. Browse our products today and take advantage of free shipping.


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