In times of emergency, first responders need to act swiftly and efficiently to help protect the lives of others and themselves. In some cases, this means working in dark, smoky conditions where it’s hard to see. At Panther Vision, we have created a range of high-performance flashlights and hands-free lighting products to help EMS and fire professionals work in these challenging conditions.

Firefighters may need LED lighting to help guide them through burning buildings or assist trapped passengers in vehicle accidents. Paramedics need proper lighting to assess and treat patients when responding to 911 calls. Panther Vision LED lighting for fire and EMS professionals helps meet these needs.

Our products offer excellent battery life and other features such as cooling technology for comfort and convenience. Our POWERCAP® LED hats and beanies, for example, combine a headlamp and a more practical version of headwear for exceptional illumination while on the job. Learn more about our high-performance LED lighting options for fire and EMS professionals.

FLATEYE™ LED Flashlight

Searching an area and need more light than a typical flashlight can offer? The updated, UNROUND design of our FLATEYE™ LED Flashlight puts older flashlights to shame. With the ergonomic handle shape, you will feel more comfortable handling the flashlight as you navigate buildings. The FLATEYE™ LED Flashlight comes in different sizes and strengths, so you can choose an option best suited to your rescue efforts.

The innovative design keeps the FLATEYE™ from overheating while in use. The Hyper-Fin™ feature disperses heat, which is critically important as an emergency professional. The FLATEYE™ is also waterproof to ensure performance in all conditions. The double-packed batteries will provide up to 40 hours of lighting, making this flashlight a reliable tool to take on calls.


When responding to a call, you may need your hands free to pull someone out of a smoky area or assess a victim’s condition. The POWER CLIP™ LED light is a small, portable light that will illuminate the area around you. Two ultra-bright LEDs give you 21 lumens of light for a powerful shine in a small package.

Use the strong alligator clip to attach the POWER CLIP™ to your uniform or hat so you can easily bring the light with you on calls and rescue missions. You can even apply them to helmets and tools with the magnetic adhesive disk.

Respond More Effectively With LED Lighting

At Panther Vision, we want to solve the lighting problems you face during your shifts. Whether you need long-lasting, dependable hands-free lighting or a sturdy, high-tech flashlight, our patented designs offer you unparalleled performance at a great value. We also manufacture our products using recyclable materials to minimize our impact on the environment.

Our lights come with free shipping and a limited lifetime warranty, so you can order Panther Vision products with total confidence. Check out our line of LED lighting for emergency professionals and order the equipment your team needs today.


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