LED Hat Light

Without an illuminated world, our everyday lives would experience drastic changes that might affect the very being of who we are. Just as our society


wouldn’t have moved forward without the ability to harness fire, our lives will continue to be dark in areas without advancements in the lighting industry.

Panther Vision has become committed to starting a lighting revolution. Our experts have worked for more than a decade to create hands-free light products that help people live their lives with more brightness — which is why our POWERCAP® has taken the industry by storm.

Not only does our POWERCAP® accomplish everything you’d hope from a hat of your choosing, whether it be for outdoor activities or work in dark spaces, but its patented ultra-bright LED technology gives you the capabilities that so many other products can’t.

If you’re ready to join our movement, here’s why our hat lights stand above the rest.


What Makes Our Cap Light the Best?

If you want to gain the benefits of a hat while maintaining the versatility to use it any time of the day, popular options force you to use headlamps or handheld flashlights.

For people who need the use of both their hands or don’t want a heavy lamp weighing down their head, they need an alternative. We’ve de

signed our LED hat lights to offer unbeatable performance and functionality in a compact, unobtrusive package.

Fisherman wearing Powercap 25/10 microfiber LED lighted visor next to lake in low lighting

Every hat light comes with two sets of LEDs. One pair shines directly forward, which gives you a clear view of the path ahead. It can project more than 13 meters in front of you, which produces excellent sight lines without blinding oncoming traffic on the road or walkway.

The other set angles downward, which illuminates the ground at your feet and gives a better view for close-up tasks, like reading or tying fishing lures.

Overall, our four-light system combines to produce up to 48 lumens of light, which more than matches other options on the market without digging too deeply into your pockets.

Models can vary, but our lights generally utilize four thinly designed, 3-volt batteries, which sit in the rim for comfort. Some competitors use clunky battery packs for their products, but you’ll never notice the power source from ours. On top of it all, you will receive top quality for a manageable cost. We also offer clip on hat light solutions to add illumination to any hat.

Best Hat Brim Light

You will receive 43 to 68 hours worth of light, which means you can use your cap lights quite a while before having to worry about a battery change. The on-off switch is easily accessible through the band, which makes your light a simple, quick motion away. We also offer a rechargeable solar option if you are looking to avoid using batteries.

Hiker finds his way around rocky area in dimmed lighting with Powercap 25/10 Structured Cotton LED lighted hat

And if you’re concerned about how you can access this technology, there is no need to worry. We implement our LED lights in all kinds of hats. We have camo hunting caps, fishing caps, running hats, reflective safety hats, visors, winter fleece hats, beanies and other options.

Trust Panther Vision to Provide the Best Hat Lights Around

If you need a hat that truly does it all, Panther Vision’s cap lights have no equal. If you have any questions, contact us today.


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