Medical professionals deal in life and death situations on a regular basis. When on the job, they must be able to see clearly in order to diagnose the problem and provide proper treatment for their patients. From dentists to surgeons, every healthcare professional can benefit from proper lighting that brightens the area of concern.

To perform their jobs at full capacity, medical professionals need to use their hands without a flashlight getting in the way. Panther Vision offers innovative solutions to the common problems that healthcare professionals encounter on the job. Our line of hands-free LED lighting is designed to meet the unique needs of medical workers.

At Panther Vision, we make it our mission to create solutions for everyday lighting problems. We especially want to help out the heroes who save our lives and nurse us back to health. Our BUTTON LAMP™ lights, POWER CLIP™ and LIGHTSPECS® will make the difference when treating someone in dim to dark lighting.

BUTTON LAMP™ Adhesive Lights

BUTTON LAMP™ Adhesive LEDs offer a compact yet effective way to light any area. The disposable lamps give off 13 lumens of light in a compact package. They are waterproof and shockproof, making them perfect for any application. You can attach these hands-free LED lights to any surface for extra light in the work area. A BUTTON LAMP™ can also act as a tiny, portable flashlight if needed in your practice. Stock up for emergencies and power outages and use them as you need them.


If you want to take a bright light with you wherever you go, the POWER CLIP™ LED light is the ideal product for you. Compact yet effective, the clip has two ultra-bright LED lights powered by included batteries. Its alligator clip design attaches right to your uniform or connects with a magnet to a range of metal surfaces and tools. The POWER CLIP™ adds plenty of lighting to your work area.

LIGHTSPECS® Reading and Safety Glasses

Our team developed LIGHTSPECS® Bifocal LED Safety Glasses to combine reading and safety glasses, helping you focus on one area. With two LED lights on either side, these glasses will illuminate any object for optimal vision and protection while working. To ensure top-quality protection, the LIGHTSPECS® lenses meet ANSI standards. As you treat patients, you can rely on these glasses to supply ample light and magnification.

Order Hands-Free LED Lighting for Medical Professionals

We design LED lighting solutions for healthcare professionals to solve everyday challenges. In addition to our hands-free products, we offer an innovative FLATEYE™ flashlight and portable LEDs for use in hospitals, doctor’s offices and other medical facilities. If you need custom lighting solutions for your specific needs, we can create them.

We guarantee that your practice will benefit from the patented designs and superior performance of Panther Vision products. We even back up our guarantee with a limited lifetime warranty. Place your order today and take advantage of our free shipping.


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