Enjoying the outdoors becomes more difficult when the sun goes down. Whether you are in your tree stand, tent or on the path, it’s important to have the lighting necessary to see clearly and stay safe. While a flashlight seems like the obvious remedy, it could prevent you from using your hands as needed.

For outdoor activities like camping, hunting and hiking, hands-free light sources add convenience. That’s why Panther Vision created hands-free LED light products perfect for helping you see better outside at night. Our POWERCAP® hats and beanies provide a way to add light to your outdoor setup without taking away the ability to use your hands.

POWERCAP® Lighted Hats and Beanies

Can you think of anything more convenient than an LED light attached to your head? Wherever you look, the scene will light up for better visibility. Besides a bulky headlamp, this type of product exists only at Panther Vision. POWERCAP® hats and beanies give you hands-free capabilities and plenty of light for your outdoor activities. Make the POWERCAP® hat or beanie part of your next trip into the outdoors.

Our POWERCAP® Structured Camo and Blaze LED Lighted Hat has all the features you need for your hunting trip with the same design as your favorite baseball cap. The hat has LEDs fixed to the brim for optimal lighting, and it even comes in camouflage patterns to help you stay hidden from targets while you wait. For hands-free LED lights for hunting, hiking and camping, the POWERCAP® offers all the convenience of a headlamp in a more comfortable form.

Similar to the hat style, the POWERCAP® 35/55 Fleece LED Lighted Beanie brings a bit of warmth to your headwear while also featuring LED lights on the front. Made of compression fleece, the beanie will keep in heat without being too bulky on your head. The material resists pilling, and a variety of color options and three camouflage patterns let you express yourself or blend into your surroundings.

Both types of POWERCAP® headwear will make the difference during your next hunting, hiking or camping trip. Whether you prefer a beanie in the colder months or wear the hat year-round, both products will serve you well in the great outdoors. Each LED light has a long-lasting battery that works for up to 68 hours — no need to worry about your light dying in the middle of the night or on a trail run. We do also offer rechargeable options if you are looking to avoid replacing the battery in your PowerCap.

Order Hands-Free LED Lighting for Your Next Adventure

Let Panther Vision help you light your next outdoor trip with our POWERCAP® hats and beanies. As outdoors people ourselves, we work hard to create quality products while preserving the environment. We manufacture our products using recyclable materials and minimize packaging to help protect the planet. Check out all of our hands-free lights for hiking and other outdoor activities today. When you need solutions for your everyday lighting problems, turn to Panther Vision.


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