An industrial site does not always afford the best lighting for completing your tasks. If you are struggling to see at your work site, you may benefit from bringing your own hands-free lighting so you can continue to work efficiently. At Panther Vision, we offer hands-free lights for industrial work to make your job easier.

Panther Vision aims to solve lighting problems that occur all the time at industrial work sites. We commit ourselves to thinking creatively and developing innovative, patented designs for our customers. Products like LIGHTSPECS® and LED Lighted Earmuffs will enhance your work by keeping you safe and illuminating your space.

LIGHTSPECS® Vindicator™ LED Safety Glasses

Does your position require handling small parts? Need extra protection on the job? The Panther Vision LIGHTSPECS® Vindicator™ LED Safety Glasses combine many helpful features to help you complete tasks more efficiently. The glasses act as a safety barrier for your eyes, resisting impact to prevent accidents on the job. Two lights situated by the temples offer extra lighting so you can be extra accurate while working on tasks. The lights also tilt inward to contain the field of light to exactly where you look.

Get multiple advantages in one set of glasses with the LIGHTSPECS® from Panther Vision. The LIGHTSPECS® function partly as reading glasses, so no need to switch between pairs while you work. The lights in these safety glasses work for multiple shifts and last up to 50 hours. Whether you need to cut a two-by-four or weld two pieces of metal together, your LIGHTSPECS® will provide the visibility you need.

LED Lighted Earmuffs

Tools and equipment can be incredibly loud at a work site. For some jobs, you must wear earmuffs to protect your eardrums. That’s why Panther Vision created LED Lighted Earmuffs. Even while wearing earmuffs, you can enjoy the light you need to work on certain projects safely.

Our LED Lighted Earmuffs provide noise-reduction benefits to ensure ear protection. Four LED lights sit on one side of the earmuffs, carefully positioned so you can aim the light right where you need it. These earmuffs are waterproof for safe wearing in any indoor or outdoor conditions. Simply click the on-off switch to turn on the lights and get to work. Combining function and safety, these earmuffs are ideal for your upcoming projects. They will quickly replace your old earmuffs once you experience the difference that lighting can make.

Improve Productivity and Safety With Hands-Free LED Lighting

Every industrial site can incorporate LIGHTSPECS® and LED Lighted Earmuffs to add light where it’s needed. Panther Vision’s hands-free LED lights will change the way your industrial workspace operates. With additional light, your work quality will improve, and soon you won’t be able to work without your new Panther Vision tools.

Try our hands-free products today with complete confidence thanks to our limited lifetime warranty — our quality and performance are backed up by more than just our words.


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