Do you prefer to work out at night? Don’t go for your evening run without the proper safety equipment, including lighting to illuminate the path. At Panther Vision, we offer a wide variety of hands-free lighting products for runners and athletes. With our products, you won’t have to worry about your ability to see or be seen during your workout.

Stay true to your active lifestyle with tools that empower you to be active even at night. With our POWERCAP® hats and Safety Bug® Personal Strobe Light, you can improve visibility when outside at night. Both products will provide peace of mind and help ensure your safety thanks to the bright LED lights.

POWERCAP® LED Lighted Hats

Our POWERCAP® 25/75 LED Lighted Running Hat keeps runners in mind with its design. The same hat you always run in now has an LED light as an added component. The light sits right inside the bill for control over where you direct the brightness. The beam reaches 72 feet forward on the path, offering a look ahead while you run. Lasting 43 hours, the light will work for many runs before you need a replacement battery.

We also offer the POWERCAP® 25/75 LED Lighted Running Hat in a women’s style, so you can find a POWERCAP® to fit perfectly into your workout routine. A variety of colors will keep you looking good while keeping you safe. You can even wash your POWERCAP® after sweating during your marathon training. This hat will carry you through many races with its exceptional durability.

Safety Bug® Personal Strobe Light

The Safety Bug® Personal Strobe Light solves the problem of staying safe during nighttime activities. The Safety Bug® is a small, attachable red LED light that flashes to draw attention to you in the dark. The red light acts as a signal to others that you are nearby. You can fasten the light to any article of clothing, backpack or helmet with an adhesive, magnetic or pin option.

The Safety Bug® is perfect for bikers or runners who exercise early in the morning or late at night and need a way to show motorists where they are. Five ultra-bright red LEDs alert drivers to your location up to a half-mile away. If you take your dog along on a workout, you can fasten a Safety Bug® to their collar for their safety. This product is versatile enough to use for any activity where there is a lack of sunlight.

Stay Safe While Exercising With Hands-Free LED Lighting

Panther Vision‘s goal is to provide convenient and affordable solutions for everyday lighting challenges. Exercising in dark environments becomes safer with products like the Safety Bug® and POWERCAP®. You can feel confident choosing Panther Vision products for your active lifestyle thanks to our free shipping and limited lifetime warranty. Order your hands-free LED lighting today so you can work out and keep safety in mind.


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