Outdoor enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the latest lighting technology to go camping, hiking or on vacation. Whether you’re a working professional or enjoy spending time in nature, traditional flashlights come with their fair share of complications. This is why you rely on Panther Vision for hands-free lighting products such as the POWERCAP® LED Hat and POWERCAP® 2.0 LED Headlamp Hat for style and functionality.

Gain a crystal-clear view of your tools, equipment or surroundings with a variety of styles on our online store. If you’re thinking about ordering any of our selections, review our frequently asked questions below to learn more about our creations:

1. What Material Is the POWERCAP® Made From?

Customers have a variety of material options to consider when placing an order at Panther Vision. All POWERCAP® styles are lightweight and breathable, but you can choose between polyester, cotton, cotton canvas, nylon and cotton-polyester blends. All of our product listings display further information about care instructions, colors and prints.

Customers in search of soft interior and exterior materials can look to our POWERCAP® 2.0 listings. Panther Vision is home to numerous POWERCAP® 2.0 styles that feature mesh materials. These LED hats are excellent for keeping you cool, as trucker selections have perforated backs for airflow.

2. Are POWERCAP® and POWERCAP® 2.0 LED Hats Flex-Fit or Adjustable?

POWERCAP® products are manufactured in one-size-fits-all configurations. Your order arrives with a two-piece adjustable Velcro strap to create a fit that works for you. Tighten the adjustable backing in response to your current activity. Ride your bike or head out on a run without the cap falling off.

POWERCAP® 2.0 offerings are equipped with your choice of Velcro or plastic straps. Most of our camouflage hats arrive with Velcro straps, and all trucker styles require you to select a notch that best fits your head shape. Both POWERCAP® and POWERCAP® 2.0 hats are unisex.

3. Where Are POWERCAP® and POWERCAP® 2.0 LED Lights Located?

Traditional cap styles have anywhere from one to six LEDs mounted underneath the brim. Purchasing a POWERCAP® with multiple LEDs allows you to see objects in front of you as well as roads, pathways, critters and more in the distance. Choose the appropriate light setting based on your indoor or outdoor applications.

All of our POWERCAP® 2.0 LED Headlamp Hats have a single light fastened below the brim. The 2.0 series LED is 50% brighter than original POWERCAP® accessories for outputs up to 75 lumens. Change between three different settings to see 45 feet in front of you.

4. How Difficult Is It to Turn off the LED Hats?

Panther Vision’s LED hats showcase a simple on-and-off control in the brim of the hat. You’ll use the same button to decide how many LEDs are illuminated at a given time. Power off your POWERCAP® to conserve battery when not in use.

Follow these same steps to control the lighting capabilities of your POWERCAP® 2.0 product. Panther Vision’s POWERCAP® 2.0 selections allow you to switch between three LED outputs before the device powers down completely. High (75 lumens), medium (30 lumens) and low settings (15 lumens) are useful for indoor and outdoor projects.

5. Do POWERCAP® and 2.0 Series Hats Come With Batteries?

The majority of our POWERCAP® designs are powered by four CR2032 coin cell batteries, resulting in an output of 48 lumens. Panther Vision includes these with your order and makes replacing batteries simple with four-piece battery bundles online. Just remove the battery cover under the brim to take out your dead batteries and swap them out in seconds. Expect your POWERCAP® to illuminate for 43 to 68 hours when your model uses CR2032 batteries.

Each of our POWERCAP® 2.0 options runs on 2 AAA batteries. We include one set of batteries with your order, and 2.0 series hats are compatible with Alkaline replacements available at your local convenience store. When running at 75 lumens, your POWERCAP® 2.0 accessory provides a battery life of up to 12.5 hours.

6. What Is the Difference Between Structured and Unstructured Hats?

Structured POWERCAP® LED Hats and POWERCAP® 2.0 Headlamp Hats fit snug and continue to hold their shape when removed. Reinforcements at the front of the caps allow Panther Vision to place detailed logos and embroideries on outer surfaces.

Hats with an unstructured fit have a mesh-like feel and are excellent for hotter environments and conditions. Wear unstructured POWERCAP® and 2.0 series products for casual trips with friends and family.

7. Can the Angle of the Lights Be Adjusted?

Panther Vision ships POWERCAP® orders with the lights fastened in preset positions. There is no need to adjust the angle of the LED lights, as products are fine-tuned for short and long distances.

Single-LED POWERCAP® 2.0 accessories also feature lighting installations set to one angle. Place the headlamp cap on your head, and trust the lighting components to follow your every move. Having LEDs in a fixed position reduces your chance of shining lights directly into the eyes.

Reach Out to Panther Vision With Further Questions

Panther Vision creates original hands-free lighting technology to make your life easier. It’s time to see the world from a brighter perspective by placing an order for our LED hats! You can also complete our contact form with further questions about POWERCAP® and POWERCAP® 2.0 models.


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