Campers, contractors, drivers and outdoor enthusiasts are always looking for a flashlight that can stand up to tough demands. Traditional flashlight styles overheat, roll across flat surfaces and drain batteries quickly, so Panther Vision decided to change the game with an LED flashlight that can be put to the test. Our FLATEYE™LED Flashlight fits well in the hand, illuminates brighter than your current device and has a flat design to fit anywhere you need it to go.

If you recently purchased one of our FLATEYE™ models, Panther Vision put together this FAQ page to help you fully understand the capabilities of the most innovative LED flashlight on the market:

1. What Battery Does the FLATEYE™ LED Flashlight Use?

Panther Vision is proud to bring customers several models of the FLATEYE™ LED Flashlight. Depending on your order, the flashlight will rely on AAA, AA or CR123A lithium batteries for power. We include a set of compatible batteries with your order for immediate use.

FLATEYE™ products hold more batteries than traditional flashlights for long-lasting illumination. Some of our most powerful options support a two-row battery layout (four batteries in total) for illumination up to 40 hours.

2. Can I Use Rechargeable Batteries With These Flashlights?

FLATEYE™ products are compatible with third-party rechargeable batteries. There may be a slight difference in brightness according to the quality of the battery and its level of charge.

If you plan on using your FLATEYE™ LED Flashlight regularly, consider placing an order for one of our rechargeable models. Selections like the FR-1000 and FR-2100 arrive with a standard USB cable for charging. Just locate the USB input below the protective cap to charge your device in the car, home or tent.

3. Can the FLATEYE™ Flashlight Be Used Underwater?

All of our FLATEYE™ LED Flashlights feature polymer outer grips, watertight plugs and sealed switches. You can use our innovative technology under one meter of water for approximately 30 minutes. Take your professional work or camping trip to the next level knowing your equipment is safe against splashes, small drops and moisture.

4. Are FLATEYE™ Flashlights Made in the United States?

Panther Vision manufactures FLATEYE™ Flashlights with high-quality materials that are environmentally responsible. Our products are made within the United States, and we ship orders out with minimal packaging to reduce our impact on the planet.

We include shockproof materials within every FLATEYE™ build. If you happen to drop your FLATEYE™ LED Flashlight, rest assured that your device is safe from impacts from about three meters high.

5. Is There a Clip Available for FLATEYE™ Products?

Panther Vision carries several clips for our FLATEYE™ technology. Discover durable listings for the F-310, F-700 F-1000 , and F-1700 designs on our online store. We manufacture FLATEYE™ clips with aircraft-grade aluminum for outstanding strength.

Carry your FLATEYE™ High-Lumen LED Flashlight on your utility belt, pocket or shoulder in seconds. Your flashlight fastens to the tactical clip via screws that fit into the base of the device.

Purchase Your FLATEYE™ Flashlight Today

Panther Vision manufactures products to make lives better. We’re true innovators in our field, and our customers benefit from free shipping, limited lifetime warranties and exceptional customer service when working with our team. If you still have questions about the FLATEYE™ LED Flashlight, complete our contact form and we’ll reply promptly.


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