We’ve all been in a situation where the power goes out and a flashlight is nowhere to be found. Panther Vision lives by our mission of creating uncommon solutions for common problems, so we’re happy to introduce our customers to BUTTON LAMP™ LED Adhesive Lights to help you see in dark conditions. Placing these peel-and-stick lights anywhere in the home or office is the perfect way to respond to an emergency, work in a dim setting or illuminate storage compartments for your applications.

Thinking about placing an order for BUTTON LAMPS™ from Panther Vision? Review the frequently asked questions listed below to get the full picture of what our innovative lighting technology can do for you:

1. How Easy Is It to Remove the BUTTON LAMP™ LED Light?

Six-piece BUTTON LAMP™ sets arrive with a peel-and-stick backing for placement anywhere you like. From toolboxes and workshops to kitchen cabinets, these lighting solutions stick to wood, metals, plastics and more. To remove the devices, use a coin or small flathead screwdriver to pry underneath the light.

The simple installation leaves no damage behind when removed. We recommend using your finger or a small drop of cleaning solution to eliminate residue as needed.

2. Is the BUTTON LAMP™ Motion-Activated?

BUTTON LAMPS™ are not motion activated. Instead, they are powered on and off by a switch located on the front of each unit. Turn the switch to the left to power down the light, and turn the switch to the right for up to 13 lumens of brightness.

3. What Batteries Are Needed for BUTTON LAMP™ Orders?

Panther Vision’s BUTTON LAMPS™ run on CR2 coin cell lithium batteries. These batteries come preinstalled within your BUTTON LAMPS™, and the batteries are non-replaceable. You can expect yours to run for approximately 17 hours before swapping out the light for an all-new one.

4. How Do You Change the Batteries in the BUTTON LAMPS™?

At this time, you cannot change the batteries in our BUTTON LAMPS™. Use your current setup until the included LED dies out, then replace the unit as necessary. Our BUTTON LAMPS™ are available in packs of six so you always have a backup light on deck.

5. How Small Are the BUTTON LAMP™ Dimensions?

Our BUTTON LAMPS™ measure 1″ wide and 1″ long, and are 0.25″ thick to place virtually anywhere. These LED lights are similar to a quarter in size, making them ideal for drawers, shelves and closets.

6. How Much Do BUTTON LAMPS™ Weigh?

A six-piece BUTTON LAMP™ set ships out at 2.39 ounces. This includes the weight of our environmentally friendly packaging.

7. Are BUTTON LAMPS™ Flexible?

The BUTTON LAMP™ housing contains a coin cell battery for power. Units have a rigid outer surface for durability and will not bend before or after the fastening process is complete.

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Panther Vision brings customers world-class lighting solutions. We have over 25 different patents for our products, and we use only the highest-quality materials to exceed your expectations for performance.

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