Panther Vision brings customers the POWERCAP® LED Lighted Beanie and POWERCAP® 2.0 Headlamp LED Beanie to accompany you on your next outdoor quest. From professional applications to camping, our innovative, hands-free lighting solutions are designed to keep you comfortable while leaving the hands free for work and leisure activities.

If you’re on the fence about purchasing one of our POWERCAP® beanie selections, we’ve put together this FAQ guide to clear up any questions you might have before your next adventure:

1. Are These Hats Bright Enough for Late-Night Exercise?

Select POWERCAP® accessories output up to 48 lumens. This ultra-bright technology is suitable for late-night exercise as well as other outdoor hobbies such as fishing, biking, car restoration projects and more. Most of our lighted beanies cast light between 40 and 72 feet in front of you, illuminating details across roads, hiking trails and campgrounds.

Our latest POWERCAP® 2.0 lighting technology provides you with three different light settings. A single LED headlamp bulb produces a maximum of 75 lumens to help you exercise at any time. Users can adjust the light settings according to the activity with low (15 lumens), medium (30 lumens) and high (75 lumens) levels.

2. Where Is the POWERCAP® and POWERCAP® 2.0 On/Off Switch?

Users can find an on-and-off switch located on the inside brim of the POWERCAP® LED Beanie. Simply click the button to decide your preferred setting. Depending on which POWERCAP® accessory you are wearing, the activation switch will trigger up to four different lights. Two LEDs face in a downward position for close-up tasks while the remaining lights illuminate your surroundings.

Customers will also find the POWERCAP® 2.0 on-and-off switch within the brim of the hat. This convenient feature makes it easy to activate and power down the headlamp beanie when wearing the accessory.

3. How Long Do POWERCAP® and POWERCAP® 2.0 Batteries Last?

Panther Vision includes four CR2032 lithium batteries with compatible POWERCAP® Lighted Beanie orders. This sets you up for 68 hours of constant illumination when wearing our accessories. Our patented designs outperform competing products within our industry, which makes us the clear choice for hands-free lighting solutions.

Our POWERCAP® 2.0 Headlamp LED Beanie is powered by 2 AAA batteries. Panther Vision includes these with your order, and users may replace these installations as needed for optimum performance. Battery life will depend on the manufacturer, but we find that POWERCAP® 2.0 AAA models run for about 12.5 hours before calling for a replacement.

4. Can I Change the Batteries in My Beanie?

Panther Vision carries several lithium battery pack replacements in our online store. You may replace your POWERCAP® batteries by removing the coin cell battery cover concealed within your hat’s brim. Our four-pack CR2032 replacements provide the voltage your beanie requires for consistent performance.

Users may change out POWERCAP® 2.0 beanie batteries in the same fashion. Remove the AAA battery cover inside the brim, and swap out the units with standard Alkaline AAA batteries.

5. How Do I Wash My LED Beanie?

The POWERCAP® Lighted Beanie is washable. Panther Vision recommends removing the batteries before washing the hat by hand. Keep soap and detergents away from the LED components for desirable results. Allow your LED beanie to air-dry completely before use.

Follow the same procedure for all POWERCAP® 2.0 headlamp beanies. Keep water away from the battery compartment, and do not reinstall the batteries until your headlamp beanie is fully dry.

6. How Much Do POWERCAP® and POWERCAP® 2.0 LED Beanies Stretch?

Certain POWERCAP® products feature 97% polyester and 3% spandex materials for exceptional stretch. Beanies are one-size-fits-all for men and women and come in more than 12 unique colors and patterns. Our styles remain comfortable for all head shapes, as the inside band adapts to each user without feeling tight around the ears.

Wear any POWERCAP® or POWERCAP® 2.0 model with prescription glasses, sunglasses or safety goggles without an issue. Panther Vision stocks our inventory with POWERCAP® 2.0 varieties that contain fleece for additional warmth. Find LED headlamp beanies for cold winter conditions that stretch over the ears, forehead and back of the neck.

7. Are LED Lighted Beanies Water-Resistant?

Panther Vision encourages all customers to read through our product descriptions alongside each standard POWERCAP® listing. The original POWERCAP® beanies with multiple LEDs are unable to withstand rain and inclement weather for prolonged periods of time. If your outdoor activities put you at risk of water exposure, POWERCAP® 2.0 models are best suited for your requirements.

Panther Vision’s POWERCAP® 2.0 Fleece LED Lighted Headlamp Beanies are resistant against water splashes. This series has an IPX4 rating, which means these products serve you well in storms. Refrain from submerging POWERCAP® beanies fully underwater to maintain LED functionality.

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