Hand-Free Lighting Solutions From Panther Vision

Ever feel like you need more light? In many instances, natural lighting fails us when we need to get things done. Even with overhead lighting, it may still be too dark for certain activities. Hands-free LED lighting serves all purposes in our daily routines. With Panther Vision LED lighting products, you can enjoy the light you need to accomplish tasks and finish projects, whether during the day or at night.

Whether you need to see on the job or at home, our POWERCAP®, LIGHTSPECS® and BUTTON LAMP™ products are hands-free and provide reliable, convenient LED lighting. These innovative, patented designs will soon become a staple in your work or home life. Plus, they are perfect to have around in case of a power outage or emergency.

LIGHTSPECS® Reading and Safety Glasses

Combine reading glasses and a flashlight in one product. Our LIGHTSPECS® Reading and Safety Glasses are prescription reading glasses featuring LED lights that sit in the temples to illuminate whatever you need to focus on.

The design of our LIGHTSPECS® Bifocal LED Safety Glasses lends itself to more than one application. Beyond magnification for reading, you can use these glasses for assembling projects or navigating in the dark. The long-lasting battery will work for up to 50 hours, giving you plenty of time to finish any project or activity.

POWERCAP® LED Lighted Hats and Beanies

Our POWERCAP® LED Lighted Hats are everyday baseball caps or beanies enhanced with integrated LED lights. Each LED light sits right inside the brim of the hat or across the bottom band. Our POWERCAP® hats come in many styles and colors including camo and rechargeable options. When you buy a PowerCap from Panther Vision you’ll enjoy the perfect accessory that looks good and serves multiple functions. Find your new favorite baseball cap or add some warmth with a fleece beanie in our selection.


Our BUTTON LAMP™ Adhesive LEDs offer light wherever you need it. These compact, quarter-sized tools allow you to make any area instantly brighter. Each BUTTON LAMP™ has an adhesive that can attach to a ceiling, wall or fixture. You can use the lamps for all purpose LED lighting in any situation. Place them on your ceiling to add light to a room or stick one to yourself while you’re running or walking your dog in dim lighting conditions.

Solve Everyday Challenges With All Purpose Hands-Free LED Lighting

Our goal at Panther Vision is to create innovative solutions to everyday lighting challenges. When you order one of our hands-free LED lighting products, you’ll enjoy the newest and brightest technology at a great value.

With tools like LIGHTSPECS®, the POWERCAP® and BUTTON LAMP™ LEDs, you can accomplish more than you previously thought possible. In the case of a power outage or other emergency, our products will help save the day. Use the LIGHTSPECS® to read manuals in the dark, the LED lighted hats to light your path around the house, and a BUTTON LAMP™ to illuminate an entire area.

Order Panther Vision all purpose LED lighting products today — Uncommon Solutions for Common Problems™.


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