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  • Adaptev Headlamp - Inertial Gyroscope LED Rechargeable Head Lamp Adaptev Headlamp - Inertial Gyroscope LED Rechargeable Head Lamp

    Adaptev Headlamp - Inertial Gyroscope LED Rechargeable Head Lamp

    The Adaptev Headlamp redefines outdoor lighting. Featuring Porsche-inspired adaptive lighting technology, this headlamp dynamically modifies its light direction to correspond with head movements and provides smooth and precise illumination for a completely hands-free and immersive experience.  About Our Smart Headlamp  Our Adaptev Headlamp offers dynamic directional lighting based on the position of your head for unparalleled illumination. It's an excellent light source for outdoor adventures at night. Rely on this smart headlamp for a 360-degree night vision experience when fishing, hunting, running, cycling, camping or hiking. They also come in handy when performing repairs that require light or navigating a blackout.  As part of our commitment to improving the quality of products and creating innovative solutions, we have designed these headlamps to offer enhanced comfort, convenience and better performance. The beams on the headlamp adapt to your every move, allowing for a better view. The construction of the headbands eliminates the discomfort and limitations often found in traditional headlamps, which are limited to fixed positions — say goodbye to tunnel vision.  Our Adaptev Headlamp undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it's highly effective and durable with an excellent battery life. Additionally, it's backed by a lifetime warranty, giving you confidence in the quality and capabilities of our smart headlamp.  Features Our Adaptev Headlamp has the following features to help transform your outdoor experiences and other working environments: 360-degree night vision for an extensive field view and an all-around illuminated experience. Digital micromachined inertial gyroscope for tracking your head's motion and pointing the light in the right direction while preserving battery life.  7 versatile lighting modes with easy adjustments of light, brightness, color and adaptive sensitivity to enhance user convenience and control. Premium materials like high-quality silicone for the headband, clear polycarbonate for the housing upper and durable ABS for the housing lower.  USB-C rechargeable port for convenient charging in various locations with compatible devices.  Shockproof construction for greater protection against damage. IP67 waterproof rating, providing water-resistant and reliable lighting in various conditions.  Lightweight and comfortable to wear at only 96 grams with an adjustable headband made of skin-safe silicone, ideal for children and adults. Benefits of Choosing Our Adaptev Headlamp Our smart headlamp featuring cutting-edge technology and design offers the following benefits.  Adaptive night hiking: The headlamp's adaptive feature enables you to confidently navigate through the darkness as the light beam follows your movements.  Dynamic biking and running: With micromachined inertial gyroscope technology that ensures the beam is aligned with your direction,  you will no longer need to adjust your headlamp, resulting in a safe experience with enhanced visibility. Hands-free home repairs: The Adaptev Headlamp moves in the direction of your head, providing adequate hands-free lighting during repairs or any other activity and allows you to focus your attention on the project.  Night fishing adventure:  Enjoy a seamless fishing experience with a reliable light source that moves in your direction. The smart headlamp enables you to use your hands for baiting, casting and reeling in your catch.  Purchase Our Adaptev Headlamp Today  Our directional headlamps defy conventions and can significantly improve the way you experience outdoor activities and your working environment. Purchase an Adaptev Headlamp today and expand your capabilities.


Smart Headlamp

The Adaptev Headlamp from Panther Vision intuitively enhances lighting for outdoor adventures. Our team of lighting technology pioneers was inspired by the design of Porsche high-performance car headlights for this product. With hands-free illumination, reliable performance and a durable build, the Adaptev Headlamp is among the best lighting devices on the market.

Features of Our Adaptive Headlamp for Outdoor Explorers

Our Adaptev Headlamp has several unique features that make it stand out as an adaptable and powerful tool for any outdoor adventure.

Adaptive Field of Vision

Traditional headlamps with limited illumination in fixed positions can give you tunnel vision. The Adaptev Headlamp uses automatic sensing for enhanced visibility, confidence and freedom to explore the outdoors.

The adaptive lighting feature trains the light exactly where you need it. Our headlamp also uses advanced gyroscope sensors to adjust its light output whenever you move your head. This technology provides the exact lighting you need wherever you look.

Since the lighting follows your gaze, it feels smooth and natural, like it's part of your vision. You can see wherever you look without manual adjustments for a hands-free experience. 

Several Lighting Modes

Our smart headlamp has seven lighting modes for different outdoor activities:

  1. Adaptive Mode to adjust light direction based on head movements.
  2. All-On Mode to provide maximum brightness.
  3. Center Only Mode to concentrate the light beam.
  4. High Mode for high-intensity illumination.
  5. Medium Mode for moderate brightness.
  6. Low Mode for energy-efficient lighting.
  7. High Green Mode to activate green LEDs.

Comfortable to Wear

You can wear our smart headlamp for hours of exploration without discomfort. The headband is made from skin-safe silicone for heat and abrasion resistance and adjusts to fit adults and kids. The lightweight design makes the headlamp more comfortable than other options.

Durable Construction

The adaptive headlamp has a shockproof design for long-lasting performance in various conditions. The lamp's housing is made with premium materials, including clear polycarbonate and ABS plastic. Our product also features an IP67 rating for water resistance, offering reliability in wet conditions.

How to Use Our Smart Headlamps for Maximum Vision

Using our headlamp takes a few simple steps:

  1. Charge the headlamp and power it on when complete.
  2. Adjust the brightness and color depending on your needs, if required.
  3. Choose one of the seven lighting modes.
  4. Change the sensitivity or keep it as is.
  5. Adjust the headband.
  6. Start your outdoor adventure!

When done, power off the headlamp and recharge the battery so that the product is ready for the next time you use it.

Where to Use Our Headlamps

Outdoor enthusiasts of all types can wear our headlamps to light their way. The lighting modes and adaptive features adjust to various environments and activities, like:

  • Camping
  • Hiking 
  • Hunting
  • Fishing 
  • Cycling
  • Running

You can use our smart headlamp for:

  • Lighting your path to see where you're going.
  • Illuminating your campsite to set up.
  • Reading maps in the dark.
  • Navigating woods and streams for hunting and fishing.

Get the Best Headlamps From Panther Vision Today

Gain confidence and convenience in exploring the great outdoors with the Adaptev Headlamp from Panther Vision. Our products use innovative technology you won't find elsewhere in the market. Place your order online today.


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