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  • black LIGHTSPECS LP LED lighted reading glasses black LIGHTSPECS LP LED lighted reading glasses from the front

    LIGHTSPECS LP LED Reading Glasses

    High-quality, lightweight reading glasses with ultra-bright LEDs concealed in the front face of the frames Perfect for reading, writing, working on hobbies or any other close-up task needing light LEDs are canted inward to shine the light exactly where you need it without leaving any dark spots Provide 32 lumens of light with a battery life of up to 50 hours (batteries included & replaceable) Polycarbonate frame & lenses Guaranteed & backed by the Panther Vision LIGHTSPECS® Limited Lifetime Warranty With that new bestseller calling your name, you curl up in your favorite reading chair and crack open the book’s cover. Yet you find that the small black print is more difficult to read than ever, even with a pair of reading glasses and a bright lamp nearby. With Panther Vision’s LP LED reading glasses, you can enjoy the most innovative reading accessory yet. This pair of reading glasses offers optimal clarity with bright LED lights inconspicuously implanted in the frames. Plus, these specs feature tough, lightweight polycarbonate frames and prescription lenses available in four diopters to meet your vision requirements. LIGHTSPECS® LP LED Reading Glasses — Classic Design and Innovative Technology What makes the LIGHTSPECS® lightweight LED reading glasses so revolutionary is the discreet LED bulbs that deliver outstanding, long-lasting lighting solutions even in the darkest corners of your home. Flip the switch hidden in the frames, and the LP LED reading glasses illuminate your immediate area. Four LED lights are conveniently angled inward in your line of sight, eliminating dark spots for ultimate definition. These glasses are specifically designed for lasting comfort and a snug fit. Four expertly concealed CR1632 replaceable lithium batteries power these lighted reading glasses for up to 50 hours. You can find the batteries behind small swinging doors on the inner arms for easy access. Show Off Your Personal Style With Trendy Frame Designs The best feature of Panther Vision’s LIGHTSPECS® lightweight LED reading glasses is the nine style options to fit your unique style, ranging from classic black to Betsey and Doe Eyed designs with pops of pink. You can enjoy several attractive variations of our classic tortoise patterns, paired with bold blues, golds, subtle browns and other neutral tones. Buy Lightweight LED Reading Glasses Online Today See clearly when you purchase Panther Vision’s LIGHTSPECS® LP LED reading glasses. Order hands-free lighted apparel and devices from Panther Vision, and enjoy limited lifetime guarantees and free shipping on all orders.

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    LIGHTSPECS LightWeight LED Reading Glasses

    Lightweight LED Reading Glasses combine high-quality, lightweight reading glasses with ultra-bright LEDs LEDs are canted inward to shine the light exactly where you need it without leaving any dark spots Perfect for reading in bed, working on hobbies or any other close-up task needing light Provide light output of 38 lumens with a battery life of up to 50 hours (batteries included & replaceable) Polycarbonate frame & lenses Guaranteed & backed by the Panther Vision LIGHTSPECS® Limited Lifetime Warranty Are you tired of squinting at small text in a dimly lit room? Or situating yourself in uncomfortable positions with a book pressed up to your nose for better viewing? When you find yourself struggling to notice the details, don’t just turn in for the day. Put on Panther Vision’s LED lighted reading glasses, available in nine different diopters beginning at 1 in increasing increments of 0.25 up to 3. Once you turn on the switch and activate the two white LEDs, you’ll wonder why you haven’t ordered these glasses before! See Clearly With Light-Up Reading Glasses From Panther Vision Panther Vision LED lighted reading glasses feature a small yet powerful tool to amp up your typical reading glasses. These LIGHTSPECS® glasses have two LED lights hidden in the temples, producing up to 38 lumens of ultra-bright lighting. To supplement their performance, these lighted reading glasses are made with a lightweight, durable polycarbonate frame available in sleek black or timeless tortoise shell styles. Reimagining Lighting Solutions for a Brighter World Panther Vision's designers are constantly inspired by our customers — like you! — and their unique needs. We've taken our popular LIGHTSPECS® designs and paired it with practical improvements. The end result is our lightweight LED reading glasses. These glasses are the perfect accessories to wear while reading in bed, working on intricate hobbies or DIY projects or when out on the boat fishing in the early morning or evening. Exceptional Power for Long-Term Performance Panther Vision’s LIGHTSPECS® LED lighted reading glasses are attractive, functional and designed for optimal long-term performance. The incredible 38 lumens of power produced by these light-up reading glasses comes from a set of four dependable, high-powered CR1632 lithium batteries that perform up to 50 hours. Order LED Lighted Reading Glasses and Enjoy Free Shipping With Panther Vision’s LIGHTSPECS® LED light-up reading glasses, you can see the world from a whole new perspective. Enjoy free shipping when you order today!

  • black ITZY BITZY LED lighted wallet readers ITZY BITZY LED lighted wallet readers packaging

    ITZY BITZY Lighted Wallet Readers

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    ITZY BITZY Lighted Wallet Readers provide convenient, lightweight, lighted magnification (1.50 diopter) Easily fits in a wallet or purse to provide LED light no matter where you are Lightweight & sits at the end of your nose for ultra-bright LED lighting Provide 12 lumens of light with a battery life of up to 50 hours (battery included) Polycarbonate frame & lenses Guaranteed & backed by the Panther Vision LIGHTSPECS® Limited Lifetime Warranty While your eyesight might remain acceptable most of the time, you might need a little extra assistance with reading the fine print in dimly lit areas. Instead of breaking out your smartphone’s flashlight, which is often overly bright and distracting for other people, you can opt for one of Panther Vision’s unique innovations. The ITZY BITZY Lighted Wallet Readers provide you with a mighty little companion to help make sense of smaller writing when it’s darker than usual. These wallet readers, which have a magnification level of 1.5, miniaturize standard reading glasses to form a convenient option you can pull out and use within seconds, reducing strain and hassle on your part. It all revolves around the ultra-bright LED located within the center of the readers, where it shines a healthy 12 lumens without being too noticeable or distracting. The battery is nonreplaceable, but these handy tools can produce up to 50 hours of life before dying. When utilized in quick and casual situations, you should get plenty of uses from these mini frames. Use them to look at the smaller text on a restaurant menu or sneak a peek at a map while walking around an unfamiliar area. You could even read a book while in bed without alerting your partner. Weighing just 0.71 oz. and measuring a few inches across, these readers will fit in any wallet or pouch without bulking it up too much. We also include a carrying case for better organization and protection. Both the frame and lenses are built from durable polycarbonate to resist gradual wear and tear. The material creates a more comfortable fit that won’t irritate your nose too much. Read through any text in any level of light with a set of Panther Vision’s ITZY BITZY Lighted Wallet Readers.

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LIGHTSPECS® Reading Glasses with Lights

Glasses improve the vision of countless individuals all around the world, but, unfortunately, they can’t solve every problem. If you've ever found yourself squinting at a detailed task or sticking your nose in your book to read, your problem isn't your vision — it's the amount of light around you.

Beyond blurriness, poor light exposure in certain situations can create frustrating scenarios. If you’ve struggled with this common problem and gone too long without an answer, Panther Vision has an uncommon solution in the form of LIGHTSPECS®.

We’ve created a range of different eyeglasses with lights built into their frames, allowing you to shine a concentrated beam on your current activity, illuminating your workspace and giving you a clear vision of whatever you're working on.

Applications for Glasses With LED Lights

Trying to read at night or in a dimly lit area is frustrating. Our glasses will shine a soft, yet bright light that will allow you to gain a better look at what you’re doing. From sewing and reading to woodworking and jewelry-making, our LIGHTSPECS® will make precision crafting projects and hobbies much easier no matter where you do them.

You can also say the same for more serious work, like auto repair, factory work and home maintenance. When you wear glasses with lights, you free up both of your hands for other tasks. You won’t have to worry about alternating between your flashlight and your wrench, nor will you need to concern yourself with finding the right angle for your light. Our LIGHTSPECS® provide maximum coverage without those tricky dark spots.

Kinds of Lighted Glasses

Our product catalog runs the gamut to supply our trusted customers with the top-tier solutions they deserve. Overall, you’ll find options such as:

  • Reading Glasses With Lights: Combining top-tier performance and fashionable looks, our flashlight reading glasses will deliver on all your expectations. Not only do our reading glasses cast an impressive 38 lumens, but they also come in a variety of diopters to focus your eyesight as clearly as possible. They come in lightweight and rechargeable variations, and multiple models offer different looks to suit your style. The included LEDs are placed conspicuously in the temples of the glasses, giving them a tasteful look and making the bulbs unnoticeable when not in use. The LEDs are also canted inward to focus the light and eliminate uneven dark spots. You can also keep your lighted reading glasses protected with our glasses case.
  • Lighted Wallet Readers: Sometimes you need a quick peek of a restaurant’s menu, a theater program or a company’s brochure while you’re out. If so, you can select our ITZY BITZY lighted wallet readers, which weigh in at a petite 0.71 ounces and sit comfortably on your nose, unlike some variations that be tight and rub your skin the wrong way. Like our other LIGHTSPECS®, we use a durable polycarbonate to construct both the frames and lens, making these pint-sized cheaters a surprisingly tough companion. You can nestle this 12-lumen model, and its carrying case, in your pocket, wallet or purse for convenient access. We offer one diopter option of 1.50, a standard classification that gives about 1.38 times magnification of an object’s actual size.


We offer durable carrying cases for all of our LIGHTSPECS®, so they’ll be safely protected when not in use.

Most of our options come equipped with energy sources that can provide up to 50 hours of total light, while rechargeable models usually offer about four hours before needing a quick two-hour resupply. The switches are conveniently located and easy to turn on and off as necessary without needing to fiddle around with them in the dark.

Trust Panther Vision to Provide You With Reliable Flashlight Glasses

Don’t let the darkness hinder your eyesight any longer. Panther Vision remains committed to seeing you through the dark times, as we’ve developed our LIGHTSPECS® technologies for years to suit many types of people from all walks of life.

With more than 10 years of experience, you can expect superior material quality and innovative design compared to other options on the market. We offer free shipping on all our LED light glasses, as well as a lifetime limited warranty and access to our responsive customer service professionals — who will happily assist you with all aspects of your order.

It’s time to see the world from a brighter perspective. 


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