Why You Need Bifocal Safety Eyewear

Why You Need Bifocal Safety Eyewear

, by Chas Waters, 3 min reading time

When working in industrial, medical, construction and scientific fields, employees need to read fine details for accuracy. Certain jobs require the use of safety glasses, but what are you supposed to do if you rely on readers? Bifocal safety eyewear is the perfect solution for people who experience loss of eyesight with age.

The days of having to switch between your normal glasses and safety gear are over. Bifocal safety glasses feature a two-part lens design with magnification on the bottom and a clear view along the top. Enhance safety initiatives for a job well-done with products available in various shapes, sizes and magnification levels.

Prevent Eye Injuries With Bifocal Safety Glasses

Bifocal safety eyewear is designed for anyone who has trouble seeing close-up objects. As people age, they lose elasticity in the eyes, which makes near-sighted vision blurry. When working in environments where safety glasses are required, bifocal models eliminate errors and reduce the chances of workplace injuries.

If you or someone you know uses readers, safety glasses with magnification are excellent for tasks involving impacts, radiation, hazardous liquid splashes, dust and shrapnel.

Convenience and Price Point

Business owners and project managers can improve the lives of employees by introducing them to bifocal safety eyewear. Often times, workers have to switch between standard readers and goggles to complete tasks, but this can be dangerous and inconvenient. Science labs, medical facilities and construction zones are filled with materials that irritate the eyes, so an on-and-off approach forces workers to exit areas and come back.

Bifocal safety glasses are an affordable route. If you only wear safety gear occasionally, bifocal setups are cost-effective compared to custom-made products.

Benefits of Bifocal Safety Glasses: ANSI Compliance

It is best to purchase magnified safety glasses that stick to guidelines set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This nonprofit organization works with manufacturers to create products with clear outlines for intended use. You can determine if a pair of bifocal safety glasses is right for your job by looking for the article Z87.1 sign of approval.

Safety glasses approved by ANSI will display “Z87.1” on packaging followed by a series of characters for splash, dust and radiation resistance.

Lenses and Frames With Full Coverage

Bifocal safety glasses outperform normal readers with lenses and frames that fit the contour of the face. In the event you are exposed to abrasive materials, lasers or hazardous liquids, your frames will shield your eyes and temples. Finding a level of magnification to suit your needs is simple with options available in diopters spanning from 1.00 to 3.00.

Are you a DIY enthusiast? Bifocal safety glasses are also great for home projects involving paint, woodworking, automotive repairs and welding.

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