What to Look for in Gun Range Safety Glasses

What to Look for in Gun Range Safety Glasses

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Choosing to wear eye protection at the gun range can save you from a life-changing injury. Even if you are an experienced hunter, accidents can occur at any time based on environmental factors, equipment and those shooting around you. Shielding the face and eyes is considered mandatory at most range locations, so it is crucial to find shooting glasses to ensure you’re prepared for ricochets, hot shell casings, kickback and other hazards.

Standard glasses are different from shooting glasses. Traditional prescription lenses will shatter upon impact, so Panther Vision put together a guide to finding the perfect pair of safety glasses to focus your shot.

How to Choose the Right Shooting Glasses: Identification

When you know what to look for in shooting glasses, you can make a confident purchasing decision. Shooting glasses are impact-resistant pieces of safety equipment that stand up to rubber bullets and other forms of ammunition. The technology features reinforced frames and lenses that are more effective at covering areas around the eyes and temples.

Shooting glasses are available for adults and children. You can ensure you’re using appropriate eyewear by reading the details on the packaging and testing out selections for a proper fit.

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Check the Lens and Frame Materials

One of the most important characteristics of a pair of shooting glasses is the materials used. Shooting glasses with polycarbonate frames and lenses are recommended, as these products are the strongest on the market. Polycarbonate frames and lenses are highly scratch-resistant and allow for repeated use as long as you keep them clean.

Only use shooting glasses that are approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). In 2003, this organization released article Z87.1 which outlines criteria for impact-resistant eyewear. Your shooting glasses should display “Z87.1” or “Z87.1+” on the packaging to indicate the product is suitable for range applications.

Finding the Right Fit

Shooting glasses can only protect you if they fit correctly. This form of eyewear contains rounded lenses designed to fit the contours of your face, but you can perform a series of tests to decide if a pair is right for you. It is also wise to try out your glasses before heading to the range, as you’ll be wearing them for hours at a time.

If shooting glasses feel like they are digging into your face, the fit is too tight. Put your shooting glasses on your face and try shaking your head back and forth. If the glasses stay in place without sliding off, they fit properly.

Your selection may have special nose padding and adjustable frames for superior comfort. You should ensure your shooting glasses wrap around the sides of the eyes and along the temples.

Lens Prescription and Color

Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts can shop for shooting glasses with their unique prescriptions. This is vital for safety and accuracy when visiting the range. Have your vision tested routinely to guide your search, and remember that prescription-based shooting glasses will display the text “Z87-2” on the frames.

You’ll encounter shooting glasses with a wide range of lens colors at the gun range. Lens color is up to your preference, and each option offers different benefits for hunters:

  • Yellow and Orange: Increase contrast and block out blue light.
  • Gray: Reduces sun glare without altering target colors.
  • Brown: Proves effective for cloudy weather and blue light.
  • Clear: Gives hunters a true view of their surroundings.

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