Safety Glasses Maintenance

Safety Glasses Maintenance

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Safety eyewear is essential for professionals who work in construction sites, science labs, medical facilities, automotive garages and beyond. This equipment helps your team maintain compliance, and cleaning gear with each use increases visibility for a job well-done. Maintaining safety glasses is the key to prolonging their life, so Panther Vision is here with tips for upkeep and storage.

It’s important to assess the condition of eyewear before and after daily tasks are complete. Take extra care of your eyewear, and your safety glasses will take care of you.

The Best Way to Clean Safety Glasses: Cool Water

Safety glasses come in contact with dust, shrapnel and other abrasive materials. Between wears, double check that your eyewear is free from debris. Small particles of dirt are enough to create scratches along the lenses, so you can keep your safety glasses in pristine shape by rinsing them off under cool water. Cleaning your eyewear with water is an excellent way to remove sweat and grime. Remember to include the frames with each rinse, as this area collects dirt from behind your ears.

Don’t have a clean water source on site? Use a can of compressed air to clear sections until you can conduct a thorough cleaning.

Scrubbing Safety Glasses

If your eyewear is particularly dirty, you can use a wet, soft bristle toothbrush along the frames, applying gentle pressure. Note that this is only for parts of the frame. You’ll want to treat the lenses with a microfiber cloth and lens cleaner.

Soap is not recommended for cleaning safety glasses, as soap residues are hard to clear. Refrain from using household cleaners, paper towels or clothing to wipe down glasses. Chemicals and tough fibers scratch safety glasses and remove their protective coatings.

Instead, you can remove small scratches from safety glasses by gently scrubbing your safety glasses with a non-abrasive toothpaste and a small amount of baking soda or by using a plastic polish to buff out the scratches.

Always Keep a Microfiber Cloth With You

Assignments such as demolitions kick up contaminants that can cloud your lenses. Keep a microfiber cloth in your toolbox, work truck or pocket to wipe your safety glasses as necessary.

Check for Cracks and Buy a Case

Replace safety glasses at the first sight of a hairline crack. Even if your equipment seems like it’s in functional condition, a small crack puts the reliability of your eyewear at risk. Any form of damage weakens the ability of your glasses to protect you from impacts, non-ionizing radiation, dust and splashes.

The best way to prevent scratches, cracks and breakage between jobs is to purchase a case or microfiber pouch. Storage for your eye protection is affordable and easy to use.

Use a Neck Cord Strap

Have you ever lost a pair of safety glasses? Retention straps are an effective way to keep your safety gear on you at all times. If you decide to clock out for lunch or alternate between tasks, your safety glasses will wait conveniently around your neck.

Neck cord straps also make it harder for you to drop your glasses. Rule out dents, bumps and chips with a practical accessory.

Looking for Impact-Resistant Safety Glasses?

At Panther Vision, we offer customers original inventions to boost safety and efficiency at work and home. Our LIGHTSPECS® safety glasses are perfect for construction workers, electricians, welders and DIY enthusiasts who are tired of standard flashlights. Each pair of our impact-resistant safety glasses features hands-free LEDs in the frame to shine a light on the fine details of your project.

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