Safety Glasses for Motorcycle Riding

Safety Glasses for Motorcycle Riding

, by Chas Waters, 3 min reading time

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of riding your motorcycle out on the open road. Whether you’re the driver or a passenger, taking safety precautions is essential to protect yourself and others while enjoying your ride. From your helmet to safety pads to gloves, you rely on a variety of accessories to keep you safe. Protective eyewear is essential, as visual acuity is crucial to staying safe on the road.

At Panther Vision, we have a large selection of safety glasses for motorcycle riding that provide the advanced features you need to see better and prevent eye injury.

Our LIGHTSPECS® LED Safety Glasses

Our LIGHTSPECS® LED safety glasses allow you to navigate your surroundings with clarity and confidence. With their ultra-bright LED light, angled shine and ANSI Z87.1-2010-rated impact lenses, they provide extremely clear sightlines and reliable protection.

These glasses have polycarbonate frames for a strong yet lightweight design. The LED lights are concealed in the frames by the temples and give off 32 lumens of light for enhanced visibility. Our safety glasses also come with a long-lasting, replaceable battery with up to 50 hours of operating life. We sell our replacement batteries in packs of four so that you can have a healthy reserve to fall back on.

Benefits of Our LIGHTSPECS® Safety Glasses for Motorcycle Riding

Panther Vision LIGHTSPECS® offer a range of unique benefits for motorcyclists, including the following:

  • Bright lighting: With impressive lumen capabilities, the LED lights in these glasses will help you see even the smallest details in your path. The lights are positioned inward within the frame of the glasses so that they shine where you are looking without creating blind spots.
  • Attractive finishes: We design our safety glasses with modern, sleek finishes for a stylish look.
  • Durable performance: We build LIGHTSPECS® for reliability and longevity in even the most extreme environments, with durable frames and lenses and powerful LED lights.
  • Enhanced eye protection: When you ride your motorcycle, you’re at the mercy of the sun, weather elements, road conditions and other drivers. You may struggle to see when it’s raining or dark out, and pieces of road debris like gravel or trash can fly up and hit you in the eyes. When you wear our LIGHTSPECS® safety glasses, you’ll keep your eyes protected and enhance your vision for better awareness of your surroundings.

Why Buy Motorcycle Safety Glasses From Panther Vision?

At Panther Vision, we are leaders of innovation in the lighting industry. We continually strive to create products that will make your everyday life easier.

We know the joy of motorcycle riding and understand the risks it poses. Our LIGHTSPECS® LED safety glasses are the perfect solution to keep your vision sharp when you’re traveling on your motorcycle.

When you buy safety glasses from us, you can rest assured that you’ve made a sustainable choice. We use recycled materials and minimal packaging for our products to reduce waste and protect the environment.

You’ll also benefit from free shipping, limited lifetime warranties and our dedication to outstanding customer service. Place your order online today or contact us with any questions — we’ll be happy to help.

About the Author:

Chas Waters

As the VP of Sales and Marketing for Panther Vision, Chas Waters has played a pivotal part in helping Panther Vision continue to create innovative lighting products. As a true outdoorsman, Chas brings a wealth of expertise into what lighting solutions are the most useful for our customers. He has been a key member of the Panther Vision team, starting in the business when he was 16 years old, and prides himself in finding the best solutions to help our customers experience the outdoors and make their lives easier with our products.


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