How to Create a Survival Emergency Kit

How to Create a Survival Emergency Kit

, by Chas Waters, 2 min reading time

Having the skills to survive in the wilderness with few tools is a valuable asset, but not one you’ll want to use unless you can avoid it. Knowing how to make an emergency kit ensures you are ready for a disaster and prepared to survive harsh conditions.

What You Need in an Emergency Kit

The best survival kit is well-organized and lightweight and can be helpful in a variety of environments and situations. While your emergency kit will vary depending on your location and which emergencies you think are most likely to occur, some general items to include are:

  • Useful knife: A knife is a vital element of any survival kit because it can help you defend yourself, dress game and create other helpful tools.
  • Medical supplies: When choosing medical supplies, you will want to avoid the bulkier items and only include the bare essentials, like a suture kit, bandages and pain medication.
  • Various rations: Once you fill your bag with the items you may need, it’s a good idea to fill any remaining space with calorie-dense food that is resistant to spoiling and full of protein and fat for an easy way to keep up your energy levels.

Another important consideration of any survival kit is a light source. You will want to pack multiple options, such as flashlights, headlamps, glow sticks and flares. At Panther Vision, we offer a wide selection of products like FLATEYE™ LED flashlights and POWERCAP® hats and beanies to ensure you have a reliable light source for these situations.

What to Put in a Car Emergency Kit

While most individuals can avoid driving during inclement weather, there may be times when you have no choice but to travel in wind, snow or rain. By packing the following items in your car emergency kit, you can stay safe while on the road:

  • Flares: It’s essential to have flares in your kit, as they can warn other drivers to be aware of your vehicle or any roadside hazards.
  • Jumper cables: If your battery dies, you can use jumper cables to get enough energy to reach the next service station.
  • Winter emergency kit: It is also helpful to include items such as an ice scraper, a handwarmer like our POWERPAW rechargeable hand warmer and a shovel to ensure your car is ready during a winter emergency.

Fill Your Emergency Kit With Gear From Panther Vision

When an emergency strikes, being as prepared as possible is essential. Luckily, with our POWERCAP® LED hats and beanies, FLATEYE™ LED flashlights and POWERPAW hand warmers, you will have the tools to stay safe in various situations. Shop our selection today. You can also contact us by completing our online contact form or calling 847-783-5900 to learn more.

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