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How Long Do Lithium Batteries Last?

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How Long Do Lithium Batteries Last?

Over the years, lithium batteries have become bigger, more powerful and less expensive than other types of batteries. Most importantly, they’re able to last much longer. That’s why today, they can be used to power everything from cell phones to cars to electric grids and more. So just how long do they last?

You can measure how long a lithium battery will last in a few different ways. The amount of time the battery provides power is typically measured in kilowatt hours (kWhs). Then, there’s the amount of time it can be charged and recharged before its power degrades significantly, typically measured in terms of years in use. The typical lifespan for a lithium battery is two to three years. A good rule of thumb is that once it can hold only 70-80% of its original energy storage, the battery should be replaced.

How Many Cycles Does a Lithium Battery Have?

The range of life cycles a lithium battery may have can vary quite a bit, but a typical range is between 500 and 1,000 cycles. One cycle is defined as one charge of the battery. The exact number of cycles will depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • Storage temperature: Recommended storage temperature is 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid long exposure to heat.
  • User behavior: These batteries must be treated with care — blunt force will reduce the battery’s lifespan.
  • Battery configuration: The way the battery was designed will affect its lifespan.

How Long Do Lithium Batteries Last in Storage?

Many factors can impact the life of a lithium battery in storage, including:

  • The temperature it’s stored at
  • What the charge is when it’s stored
  • Where it’s stored, such as on the charger, in a tool or on a shelf
  • Who made the internal electronics
  • And more

But on average, if you store your lithium batteries properly, you can expect them to last about three to six years there.

Lithium Batteries From Panther Vision

At Panther Vision, our 3-volt lithium batteries have long lifespans to provide the light and power you need for your worksite, camping plot and other dimly lit atmospheres. Of course, batteries don’t last forever, which is why our batteries come in four-packs — you’ll always have a reserve to fall back on.

We offer three different types of lithium batteries, including:

Whatever your needs may be, our four-pack of unique and powerful Panther Vision lithium batteries will ensure that you’re prepared for any situation. If you have questions about our batteries or other products, you can fill out our online form and someone from our customer service staff will get back to you within 24 hours. You can also shop our lithium batteries directly on our website.

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