Fishing with Lights at Night

Fishing with Lights at Night

, by Chas Waters, 5 min reading time

Night fishing is an exhilarating pastime for many avid anglers — the mystery and unknown adventure draws more people to set sail after dark. When you hook something on your line, is it a record-breaking trophy catch or an old boot from the deep? The thrill of nighttime fishing along with that necessary escape from the blazing summer heat is what encourages more individuals to try this pastime. Also, by casting your line at dusk or dawn, you even have better odds of catching fish.

Night fishing is an endeavor like no other, and you need the right tools and equipment for the best results. Next time you launch your boat as the sun dips below the horizon, make sure to bring several hands-free lights along.

Best Types of Lights for Fishing at Night

You need the best tools for the most successful night fishing trip, including a reel, rod, lures and a variety of light sources. These products make performing basic tasks easier and safer. By using LED lights for night fishing, you won’t have to juggle a dim hand-held device while tying knots, unloading gear and untangling lines. Specialty lights can even draw impressive sport fish closer to your boat.

Next time you take your boat out to go fishing at night, have the best odds of catching a massive river or lake monster with these types of lights:

  • A headlamp or lighted hat: Choosing the right LED lights for night fishing is essential for increased efficiency. If you need to keep your hands free to finish important tasks such as unloading your boat, navigating to that prime fishing spot and properly reeling in fish, consider using a powerful hands-free lighting device such as a headlamp or lighted hat. These products allow you to see clearly without needing to hold a flashlight or similar lighting instrument.
  • Hands-free boat lights: Another great option to free up your hands while night fishing is installing several hands-free flashlights around your boat. Flashlights can often produce more powerful lighting than just a headlamp and operate independently from each other to preserve battery life. These lights also assist your night fishing endeavors by consistently illuminating a space even when you are looking away, providing greater visibility.
  • Lights for attracting fish: While it may initially seem like lights would scare away the fish, you can actually use bright, colorful lights to attract fish and bait to your boat and catch them more easily. While you can use any color LED light for this purpose, lights that are a mix of green and white are most effective for attracting bugs and bait fish, which will in turn entice predatory fish to your lines. Submersible and floating lights are the best products for attracting fish — use them for any type of fishing in fresh and saltwater environments, from the boat or on the dock.
  • Installed boat lights: If you need more light than headlamps and a few flashlights can produce, consider installing several LED night fishing lights on your boat. Make sure to find ANSI-rated lights that can be submerged for at least 30 minutes for the most effective long-term lighting. For the best visibility to see colors more realistically and to better stand out, install blue boat lights.

Do Night Fishing Lights Work?

There are many night fishing lights available for various purposes, so the trick is to find the products that will help you most. Purchasing the best LED lights for night fishing depends on several factors, including:

  • Brightness: When picking above-water fishing lights for your nighttime adventures, select products with appropriate lumens, which measure light output. Keep in mind that higher lumens are better for fishing in the dark. In general, it’s helpful to choose a light that produces at least 75 lumens. That way, you can see clearly for further distances.
  • Durability: As a night fisherman, you want to choose reliable equipment that will consistently deliver enough light for you to see while fishing. Purchasing high-quality night fishing lights will enable you to enjoy your time out on the water with the confidence that they will continue shining brightly.
  • Time: Are you planning on staying out on the water for several hours? If so, it’s important to purchase night fishing lights that will still be shining when you decide to head back to shore. Choosing high-quality LED lights that can last for hours without dimming are essential for longer fishing trips. They are also helpful for short adventures, as you can be sure you won’t be left in the dark.

How Can Panther Vision Products Help You?

At Panther Vision, our goal is to provide top-notch LED lights for night fishing that you can depend on to give you an enjoyable and bright experience. We offer several products you can use for night fishing, including:

  • POWERCAP® lighted hats and fishing visors: Experience the comfort of a visor or hat and the brightness of LED lights simultaneously with our innovative POWERCAP® products. These products function as an effective headlamp while providing a comfortable fit. You’ll be able to see your surroundings more clearly as you fish and know that it will last with its 68-hour battery life.
  • BUTTON LAMP® adhesive LED lights: About the size of a quarter, our BUTTON LAMP® adhesive LED lights are perfect for lighting up your tackle box, fishing rod or other tight spaces. Attach these economical LED lights around your boat in areas too small for normal devices and experience the clarity light provides.

Need Better Lights for Your Fishing Boat? Browse Panther Vision’s LED Lighting Solutions Today

With the selection of LED hands-free lights for night fishing at Panther Vision, you can effortlessly reel in your biggest catch yet and tackle any new type of nighttime outdoor adventure. Browse our powerful hands-free lighting solutions today, including POWERCAP® lighted hats and fishing visors and BUTTON LAMP® adhesive LED lights to find the right products for your night fishing needs. We offer limited lifetime warranties on many of our LED lighting products and free shipping.

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