COVID-19 and Eye Protection

COVID-19 and Eye Protection

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The spread of COVID-19 leaves the general public and medical professionals questioning the best methods for protection against the virus. The concepts of social distancing and face coverings are new norms for person-to-person interactions, but many are curious about contracting COVID-19 via the eyes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend washing your hands frequently, wearing a mask and staying away from crowds when possible. But what about eye protection?

There is currently little concrete data supporting the idea that children and adults should always wear eye protection to stop the spread of COVID-19. However, It is widely believed that touching your face and exposing yourself to droplets from an infected person increases your chances of getting sick.

Wearing airtight goggles or eyewear might be enough to stop you from rubbing your eyes during this global pandemic.

Is Eye Protection Necessary for COVID-19 Protection?

COVID-19 spreads through close contact with an infected person. Something as simple as a cough, sneeze or conversation might put someone at risk for the virus, as droplets can leave the mouth and land on nearby surfaces, including the skin. Determining whether or not you require eye protection depends on your level of risk to exposure.

It’s important to remember that COVID-19 is classified as a respiratory virus. The CDC mentions that COVID-19 is mostly spread through the nose and mouth, but experts recommend that medical professionals follow step-by-step instructions for goggles as an extra precaution.

Wearing protective eyewear may be effective in reducing transmission numbers, and researchers continue to learn more about the coronavirus each day.

Who Should Wear Eye Protection?

There are currently no mandated requirements for the general public to wear protective glasses or goggles in social settings. However, choosing to wear eye protection is probably a good decision if any of the following applies to you:

  • You are unable to follow social distancing guidelines
  • You live in a confined space with other residents
  • Your area has seen an increase in coronavirus cases
  • You have an underlying health condition
  • You work around different people daily

Ways to Protect Your Eyes From COVID-19

The best way to protect your eyes from encountering COVID-19 droplets is to wear safety goggles or glasses. The more at-risk you are for contracting the virus, the better it is to find eye solutions that offer an airtight seal.

While there is no way to guarantee protection from COVID-19, the combination of face coverings, hand washing, social distancing and protective eyewear sets you up for success.

Consider the following to take care of your eyes throughout the pandemic:

  • If you wear contacts, switch to glasses if possible
  • Sanitize lenses with an appropriate cleaning solution daily
  • Stock up on contact solutions in case of an outbreak
  • Wash your hands before adjusting contacts or glasses
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes in public locations

How to Sanitize Your Protective Eyewear

Safety goggles and glasses provide hard surfaces on which harmful bacteria can accumulate. If you’re wearing eye protection to shield your eyes from COVID-19 droplets, you must follow the correct sanitizing methods after removing any accessories from the face.

Ultraviolet technology makes cleaning lenses, frames and other belongings simple with a process that takes moments to complete. Products such as the Suncatcher™ UVC Sanitizing Wand allow you to eliminate more than 99.9% of viruses and bacteria from eyewear.

There is virtually no need to use tough chemicals that can cause eye redness and irritation when you follow these step-by-step instructions for using your UVC light:

  1. Remove glasses.
  2. Activate the downward-facing UVC bulb.
  3. Hold the sanitizing wand 0.5″ from the eyewear.
  4. Slowly move the wand from side to side to remove microbial threats.

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